1. Cow head
    heyitsconnor1236 10 days ago

    two scoops of rock or rocky road?sorry for the bad puns

  2. Photo
    JimAllan 10 days ago

    Poll: What are everyone’s favourite ice-cream flavours?

  3. Missing large
    305buckets 10 days ago

  4. Jasonfromfoxtrot
    Comix 'R' Us GC Insider 10 days ago

    Hey Pierce i never got a chance to tell you how much I love this strip.

  5. Img 5397
    Sartaj Bedi 10 days ago

    It woulda been funny if he said 2 scoops of rockey road

  6. Img 2539
    cftintinfan 10 days ago

    Rock…y road

  7. Giphy
    JOSH T101 10 days ago

    Mr Rosa needs a new job

  8. Flying spaghetti monster 001
    Moon Child Rage : HA-APIKOROS 10 days ago

    The annual report of the Andean Highways Commission is called “Rock y Road”.

  9. Missing large
    anoop.a.savio 9 days ago

    poll: why are there so many stupid polls?

  10. Img 7099
    FIRE&ICE 9 days ago

    I thought Mr. Rosa hated his job, but he was smiling when he said " Welcome to sweet licks , Nate! What can I do for you?". I remember that in one of the comic strips Nate came by to get his yearbook signed and Mr.Rosa was miserable.

  11. 4c3
    expand dong 9 days ago

  12. Avatar
    pickyX2 9 days ago

    Nobody said “Vanilla”?

  13. Missing large
    CaptainChunk 9 days ago

    The polls aren’t the problem. The people saying “Poll:” followed by some anti-poll crap are the problem.

  14. Missing large
    CaptainChunk 9 days ago

    By the way, I find it funny how you people were trying to get rid of all the “hate” in these big nate comments…and you were successful for like…2 days.

  15. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49 GC Insider 9 days ago

    Why do people answer stupid polls? Please do NOT answer.

  16. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49 GC Insider 9 days ago

    Sorry kid, only new customers get a free taste. You pay.

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