1. Img 1644
    Gan Sharma GC Insider 11 days ago

    Calvin will use any excuse to go naked.

  2. Calvinosaurus
    The Calvinosaurus That Calvin Wanted To Discover 11 days ago

    When Miss Wormwood asks the class what they did to “help save the world”, I guess this will be Calvin’s answer.

  3. Avitar
    somebodyshort 11 days ago

    Many years ago we did a lot of hiking. We always brought more garbage out then we took in.

    The hikers creed " Take only pictures, leave only footprints"

  4. Boxing kitty
    LeadingEdge 11 days ago

    Today’s Random Thoughts

    Calvin just polluted the scenery.

    At least he didn’t litter the ground with his clothes like he does just inside his front door.

    I’ve often thought that our landfills will be huge archaeological treasures, or time capsules, to the next inhabitants of the Earth in 40,000 years.

  5. Boxing kitty
    LeadingEdge 11 days ago

    Today’s Custom Comic

  6. Cutiger
    rentier GC Insider 11 days ago

    Where is your wonderful fur, Calvin?

  7. Missing large
    notellin' 11 days ago

    Sorry, Calvin. You can’t shed your species by shedding your clothes.

  8. Missing large
    Lecherous 11 days ago

    The mayor in New York City harps on climate change, but takes a caravan of SUVs every day to Brooklyn to work out. The trip takes nearly an hour and he passes tons of gyms on the way.

  9. Fearless leader thumb
    KAR 120 C 11 days ago

    As a child, my parents’ phrase was “leave no trace of your passing”.

  10. Missing large
    Prey 11 days ago

    Come to southern Spain, possible the dirtiest roadsides in Europe.

  11. Img 20111204 00073
    Doug Taylor GC Insider 11 days ago

    Where is the crying Native American (Indian) when you need him?

  12. Sjacket
    phredturner 11 days ago

    Eventually the planet will shrug off all humans

  13. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle 11 days ago

    Spoiler alert, one day these woods are developed and that is really sad.

  14. Missing large
    DanFlak 11 days ago

    I can see that some people are just too lazy to inconvenience themselves. After all walking 100 feet to a trash can can be very exhausting (and we wonder why we are fat-America). But I take my morning walk through residential neighborhoods. People go out of their way to throw trash out of their cars. Of course they can’t wait to get home and toss it in front of their house. But, that’s America today: all about me, the hell with everyone else, even my own children and grandchildren: look at our leadership and the example they are providing. “That gold should ruste what will iren do?”

  15. Bighorn sheep mary rogers
    bluram 11 days ago

    And that’s the bare facts.

  16. Packrat
    Packratjohn GC Insider 11 days ago

    Few years ago I worked with a local fishing fleet in the PNW, taking care of PCs and comm equipment while they were in port. I was idly reading their bulletin board one day and was literally shocked at one particular poster issued by the US Government dictating how far offshore the boat had to be before dumping various items of garbage and trash. I don’t remember details, but it went in stages, and beyond a certain distance, maybe 25 miles, anything could be tossed, dumped, or flushed. I’m okay with organics that will decompose or be eaten, but plastic?

  17. Missing large
    gantech 11 days ago

    “In man’s evolution he’s created the cityAnd the motor traffic rumbleBut give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes And living in the jungle’Cause the only time that I feel at easeIs swinging up and down in the coconut treesOh what a life of luxury to be like an apeman”

    From the song “Apeman” by the Kinks

  18. Missing large
    sundogusa 11 days ago

    Spent a week’s vacation at BSA camp. Made it a habit of picking up any paper or garbage on the ground. Those walking with me also picked up garbage. Camp was very clean and most of the Scouts were consciously putting garbage in the trash cans; but, there’s always a few. We would take a few minutes and explain why to pick up after yourself. In a few cases it was evident the parent(s) never taught that.

  19. Missing large
    whiteaj 11 days ago

    And, somehow, being naked removes your humanity?

  20. Missing large
    SunflowerGirl100 11 days ago

    Not being naked but the act of removing your clothes.

  21. Missing large
    alexffaa 11 days ago

    The vast majority of humans are slobs.

  22. Missing large
    catte.west 10 days ago

    Hobbs is correct. More tigers, less humans (unless they be lunch for tigers).

  23. Green sea turtle
    mireps73 10 days ago

    i am grateful i live in a community that believes in composting and recycling as much as possible

  24. Img 20170624 152401
    Number Three 10 days ago

    There are some idiots where I am who just seem to throw rubbish out of their cars. Would it kill them to use a bin?


  25. Nate4
    BiggerNate91 10 days ago

    Salutations! I have returned!

  26. Ben 2
    ComicsR4Fun GC Insider 10 days ago

    Yeah, I don’t get these people that think the earth is their trash can. On the other hand, in respect to Hobb’s statement, that’s only if you choose to discount or ignore the much good that most people do.

  27. Obama e. neuman..
    cosman 10 days ago

    As i bend over to pick up someone else’s trash, and walk the quarter block to drop it in the trash can, i mumble, “i live in this town too..”

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