Dec 9, 2012
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Paige: Peter! Help!
Peter: What's wrong?
Paige: I'm trying to make Christmas cookies and the stupid dough is sticking to the cookie cutters! What do I do?! Where's Mom?!
Peter: I think she's at her book club. 
Paige: What?! She'll be there all night! I need to have these baked and ready for school tomorrow so I can give them to my teachers! Final exams are this week! Bribery's all I've got left! Look at these things! They're supposed to be cute Santas and reindeer, but they got all pulled out of shape! Who would want them now?! They all look, I have one teacher who might like them...
Man: Are these amoebas?! Call me impressed, Paige!
Paige: Why, thank you, sir.
Dec 23, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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