Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham

Gil Thorp

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  1. Ravenswing

    Ravenswing said, about 4 hours ago

    Who is this strange figure in a tie in P2? He looks vaguely familiar …

  2. kdizzle

    kdizzle said, about 4 hours ago

    I think that’s BStatWhiz, he’s just cleaning his glasses while he’s coaching the team. Whats the count since Marty Moon’s last appearance?

  3. chiphilton

    chiphilton said, about 3 hours ago

    But Ken makes everything happen! How dare they slack off him? And why doesn’t Gil see this, now that he’s out of rehab?

  4. desertdwlr

    desertdwlr said, about 3 hours ago

    kind of looks like Ronald Reagan playing a coach in P2

  5. chiphilton

    chiphilton said, about 3 hours ago

    Longtime Gil fans: The Thorp kids were around when I first had access to the strip on the Internet. All kidding aside, I know the strip had Gil marrying Mimi at some point, and presumably the birth of Keri and Jami. Did they grow up to the point we last remember them? Or were they babies one week, toddlers in a month or two and then suddenly in school?

  6. The Brown Starfish

    The Brown Starfish said, about 2 hours ago

    Who the hell is the new guy in the tie in P2? And does that mean Mimi is coming back to take over from “Big Time” coach Bobby? I guess the real estate gig on Modern Family didn’t work out.

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