Today is Spanish Language Day, and we've got just the thing to help you observe it: nearly 40 regular features en Español!

Created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2010, Spanish Language Day (or Día de la Raza/Día de la Hispanidad in countries where Spanish is the primary language) is meant to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. So too, is our well-stocked Spanish language section.



Not only does GoComics host a growing section of comics translated into Spanish from English, GC also hosts a number of Spanish-native strips such as Tutelandia by Tute and Gaturro by Nik.

With so many series running concurrently with their English-language counterparts, it's an easy way for English and Spanish speakers to compare how humor is translated and sometimes localized between editions. Our bilingual visitors will particularly benefit -- you get twice the jokes! With its cast of bilingual characters, Baldo is an especially fun title to check out in both English and Spanish.





You can discover awesome Spanish language comics in the En Español section today, and every day, on GoComics. 



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