1. Americanflag
    Masterskrain gc insider 11 days ago

    Yes, when places advertising 25 jobs get several HUNDRED applications, this is NOT an exaggeration. Although, there IS a shortage of Qualified Long Distance and local truck Drivers…

  2. Missing large
    ShirleyJOsborn  11 days ago

    Or more than 300 apply for 1 position…

  3. Billgas
    Mr. Blawt  11 days ago

    Meanwhile, production and profits go up while workers wages stay stagnant. The cost of living goes up, but not the salaries of 80% of the work force. Meanwhile, the top is making some 300 times what the people make who are doing all the actual work.

  4. Wtp
    superposition  11 days ago

    Skill gap still exists ….

    " ….

    Consider this: 65% of job postings for secretaries who work for executives require a college degree. But among current executive secretaries, only 19% have college degrees, according to Joseph Fuller, a Harvard Business School professor. That’s a big gap between expectations and reality.

    The U.S. has also long struggled with a job skills gap, which is a result of an aging workforce, the rapid pace of automation, and a lack of effective job training programs.It also depends on location and the type of job. In April, there were 2.1 million open jobs in the Southeast United States, the most of any region. The Northeast, the most densely populated, had the fewest number of job openings, 1.2 million.

    On top of that, openings vary by industry. Manufacturing and mining job openings declined in April. Construction job openings were up.

    Openings in business services were down a bit while those in health care rose. However, those two industries far outpace others in job openings, with 1.1 million each. They also both tend to require a bachelor or associate’s degree.


  5. Maps little guy
    Radish gc insider 11 days ago

    You work all day making bread just so you can afford a slice.

  6. Images
    Striped Cat  11 days ago

    My grandfather, who owned a house but was not educated, got mad at his boss and abruptly quit. As he walked home, he walked into another employer and was hired on the spot for more money.He was unemployed for these than an hour.I know people my parents age who; did not graduate from college or knew a specific trade. They never did a job search or had a resume. Yet they were fully employed all their lives and are now living comfortably on their pensions. These oldsters will look at people my generation (X) or younger who are not working and go “Humpf, people today are just lazy. They need to go out and get a job like I did.” In their mind’s eye, they erroneously think jobs are as easy to get now as they where when they where 20. They also vote as if its still 1958.

  7. Missing large
    Meatpuppet  11 days ago

    What the hell can you expect? A couple of generations ago women were not fully incorporated permanently into the labor force (although they did a great job during wartime) and we didn’t have tens of millions of aliens competing with native Americans for jobs. We have never adjusted fully to these massive changes. You want lower unemployment and a greater return to labor? Deport the illegals immediately and reduce legal immigration to a trickle. I would hate to be in my 20s now looking for a career.

  8. Pine marten3
    martens  11 days ago

    ^Since when is 11 million “tens of millions”? Innumerate much?

  9. Images
    Striped Cat  11 days ago

    MEATPUPPET, Corporate America got so good at laying people off, they forgot how to hire. They need to get back into hiring human people. Too many jobs go unfilled because of the search for the absolute “perfect candidate.” While companies pursue purple unicorns with PhDs that speak 12 languages, qualified people get rejected. This is a cultural problem in corporate America what deporting of illegals does not fix.

  10. Ahl13 3x4
    Andrew Litkowiak gc insider 11 days ago

    Actually, on a national scale, there are millions of job openings. Many are in good paying industries. Unfortunately, the Dems have convinced people that EVERYONE needs to go to college and get a degree.

    There are hundreds of thousands of skilled labor jobs out there. Machinists, welders, etc. But very few trade schools.

  11. Thankyou
    Silly Season  11 days ago


    Yeah, Why do truckers driving down public roads with 80,000 lbs loads need any at all sleep over the last 7 days anyway?

    And don’t leave the load while freezing to death!

  12. Darwin fsm pin sm
    Moon Child Rage: Alien CD-ROM Hog  11 days ago

    @MART Never marshal “facts” for a discussion with a “REAL” American. You know, the type of American who scrubs hotel toilets, picks lettuce, and landscapes corporate campuses. You’ll be wasting your breath as well as distracting and annoying the “American”.

  13. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  11 days ago

    You’re supposed to create your own job. Grab your bootstraps and pull. Even if you have no money, no home, no education. Grab your bootstraps and pull. But honestly, I’d rather see you die than cost me a dime. Grab your bootstraps and pull.

  14. Missing large
    chev.james  11 days ago

    Few human beings are as worthless as the average human resources drone in the average company. They are always advertising for the “purple squirrel,” i.e., someone who doesn’t exist. You cannot expect somebody to come in and fill a position and have the same skill sets as the person who just left that position. HR drones sit on resumes and are so lazy that they have computer programs to read them and look for “keywords.” A CEO at a large corporation decided to apply for a lower level job in the company, and he disguised his name. The HR drone who got his resume sent him back a rejection letter. All HR should do is take care of salaries and benefits; they should never be let within 20 light years of a job application or resume.

  15. Missing large
    tompet46  11 days ago

    30 years ago it was 40 hours of work for 40 hours of pay. Today it is 60 hours of work for 40 hours of pay.

  16. Images
    Striped Cat  11 days ago

    “purple squirrel” You bet. My favorite is a job description that reads like 2 or 3 different mutually exclusive jobs. Company needs a computer tech, a creative artist type and a sales person. Some genius says “Hey we can save money if we hire one person to do all three!” Never mind that the sales job requires travel but the computer tech would need to sit in the server room as a DBA. People with these 3 backgrounds took entirely different classes.

  17. Limpid
    mr_sherman gc insider 11 days ago

    HR means employees (people) are treated as a commodity to be expended and discarded.

  18. 20841741 470526546644028 5711918097007563718 n
    nance19oped gc insider 10 days ago

    Andrew Litkowiak, COMPANIES decided that everyone needs a college degree. Many used to post that they wanted a degree “or equivalent”, the latter supposedly meaning experience but vague enough to define as anything. Reviewing resumes for keywords like YES on the degree is easier than reviewing actual qualifications. Just like saying “it is Dems fault” is much easier than thinking about complex problems and potential solutions.

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