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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Sep 16, 2011
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Charley the Australopithecine
in "On The Job Hunt"
Networking Session
Man: Hey, what do you do? 
Charley: "Do"? I do eat cheese cubes. 
Man: Heh. I hear ya. How long since you worked? 
Charley: Um...it's been 3.5 million years. 
Man: Yeah, it's been a while. What's your skill set? 
Charley: You know, hunting, gathering. 
Charley: I dabbled in making sharp rocks, but I found I didn't have the cranial capacity. 
Man: Man, you've got to update your skills for today's marketplace!
Charley: Why? I'm a member of an extinct species from the Pliocene epoch. 
Man: I know the feeling. That the job market, the economy, the government...
Everything's moved on from you. 
Charley: Oh, it's not so bad. I keep a stash of beef jerky in my leaf-nest in a tree in the park. 
Man: Wait. You have beef jerky?
Woman: And a leaf-nest? 
Man: #2: Are you hiring? 
Man: You want me to chase that squirrel, sir? 
Man #2: Shall I hold the stick higher? 
Charley: This soft labor market is great for business!
Sep 30, 2011
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