Adam@Home by Rob Harrell for June 13, 2022

  1. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member 8 months ago

    It’s 2022, Percy. Whatcha been doin’ since 11/9/2012 when we last saw ya?

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  2. Ava2
    C  8 months ago

    Fourth wall fail

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  3. Earth sea temps
    Uncle Kenny  8 months ago

    Who is this? Must’ve been a character from before I began reading Adam@Home.

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  4. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 8 months ago

    Long time, no see Percy. You haven’t aged a bit.

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  5. Missing large
    Susan00100  8 months ago

    Oh, goody—Gumbo is back!! Now, how about taking Baby Nick out of the dresser drawer??

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  6. Michaelparksjimbronson
    well-i-never  8 months ago


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  7. Gandalf
    Gandalf  8 months ago

    Let me guess: a week of redrawn ‘memories’….

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  8. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 8 months ago

    Percy? Who he?

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  9. Missing large
    salexand Premium Member 8 months ago

    Gosh, imagine how Nick feels?

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  10. 3665c51c 93a9 479b 96b4 b9ceca3914f9
    mrsdonaldson  8 months ago

    There are other people besides the family of five (almost forgot the baby!) and the barista?

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  11. Missing large
    Doug K  8 months ago

    … and you haven’t aged a bit.

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  12. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 8 months ago

    All the worlds a stage…even in the comics!

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  13. Ed as bigfoot star
    FassEddie  8 months ago

    With a name like Percy, I’d say he’s been gone for a while. He should be having this conversation with Little Iodine.

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  14. Martini glass blue
    RadioDial Premium Member 8 months ago

    Must have been living wherever baby Nick got sent off to.

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  15. Missing large
    raybarb44  8 months ago

    Most of us just have cameo roles in the big picture of Life anyway. Don’t kid yourself…..

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  16. Boondocks huey
    Egjen Skis Premium Member 8 months ago
    As I understand it in film or theater a moment like this is called breaking the “Fourth Wall”. Is there a similar term for comics?

    “Fourth Wall: an imaginary wall that separates the audience from the action of a stage play or film, which is said to be broken when an actor talks directly to the audience or starts talking as themselves rather than as their character”

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  17. Stinker
    cuzinron47  8 months ago

    Nothing like poking a little fun at yourself. I guess tomorrow it’ll be Nick’s turn.

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  18. Mikes face  thanks peet
    Back to Big Mike  8 months ago

    I don’t remember Percy, but I haven’t been around since the beginning. How long has he been out of the picture?

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  19. Avatar92
    David Rickard Premium Member 8 months ago

    Is Percy a son of a Bysshe?

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  20. Thundercats
    LrdSlvrhnd  8 months ago

    Fifth panel: “Even Baby Nick shows up more often than I do!”

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