Adult Children by Stephen Beals for February 01, 2015

  1. Bananeajoe00001
    Toonerific  almost 8 years ago

    Did you check the ignition?

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  2. Beafraidmyspace
    saxie5  almost 8 years ago

    In your pocket?

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  3. Avatar92
    Charlie Fogwhistle  almost 8 years ago

    There is at least one parallel universe laid near our own like pages in a book that generally do not quite touch, but due to vacillations in energy fields, occasionally do touch. When that happens, objects from our universe pass into the other, and vice versa. When the universes again brush up against the other, the objects generally return and are easy to find. This doesn’t quite pass the test of Occam’s razor, but then not all things do.

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  4. Claremont
    Stephen Beals creator almost 8 years ago

    RootsInDM, that was….beautiful. I think that’s the best parallel universe explanation of missing items I’ve ever read. No, really. I think I’ll be more at peace now when I can’t find something.

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  5. Sherpa avatar
    policelimit Premium Member almost 8 years ago

    Did he look under the couch cushions?

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