Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons by Al Goodwyn for February 24, 2024

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    GiantShetlandPony  4 months ago

    Hey, Joe found the cause of the leak. It’s the Republican Party.

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    brwydave Premium Member 4 months ago

    Hey, Joe found the cause of the leak. It’s the Republican Party obedient to its leader who is very scary.

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    baroden Premium Member 4 months ago

    Of course, statistics show that the minute Trump was elected and announced he was going to build his “wall,” migrants started heading for the US border. Six months after that, they were backed up at the border.

    This “crisis” is a creation of the GOP. They never dealt with it, and it got worse. They continue to not deal with it and blame it on Democrats.

    The GOP border policy is as wrongheaded as their “war on drugs” policies. Both just made the problems worse.

    But, yeah. Blame Democrats.

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    Johncom  4 months ago

    Biden already has the authority to close the border. He’s had it all along, just like every other President. He doesn’t need Congress to do anything. The disaster at our borders is deliberate.

    Look up, “How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico”, by John Dillin

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    The Nodding Head  4 months ago

    Biden is old. Immigration. Inflation appears to have dropped out of the rotation. And of course the rising fascist menace is ignored.

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  6. Braveheart
    Free or Not? Premium Member 4 months ago

    The leak today: An illegal alien kills Laken Riley on the campus of the University of Georgia.

    TIME TO DEPORT!!!!!!!! Yes, buy the MILLIONS.

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    DC Swamp  4 months ago

    The Biden regime opened the floodgate for 3 years, not l small leaks. Immigration is the 2nd top problem in a recent Gallup poll, right under “government/poor leadership.” Now that it’s an election year the regime is worried, so now they want to act like they care. The Biden kakistocracy is by definition inept, but this was intentional. No other nation would do this.

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    suzalee  4 months ago

    All the GOP had to do was pass the legislation before them, a program they themselves crafted to help with the immigration problem. They just want to complain. They don’t want to fix it.

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  9. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  4 months ago

    The Republican House is on vacation, leaving the border open and our budget is held hostage. Right wing liars blame Biden for republican treachery.

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    DC Swamp  4 months ago

    2020 campaign cadaver Joe – I promise to reverse all of Trump’s border security policies.

    2021 President cadaver Joe – I just reversed all of Trump’s border security policies.

    2024 campaign cadaver Joe – Why won’t Republicans help me secure the border?

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    rs0204 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Joe: “I called the plumber, GOP Plumbing, and they came and gave me an estimate. But when I wanted to sign the contract, they said never mind.”

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    preacherman Premium Member 4 months ago

    We seem to forget that inflation isn’t something that can be turned up or down. There are things that the FED can do to effect inflation, but there is no way that individual sources of commodities can be forced to lower prices. That’s still left up to supply and demand. Many items have come down like some perishable food products, milk, eggs, bread, but many canned or frozen items still remain high. And gas and oil prices have begun to drop in price but there is often a raise in price for gasoline during the summer. No doubt Biden will get blamed for that.

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  13. Unnamed
    Another Take  4 months ago

    With the Smirnoff-related failure, Al had to return to the Border issue that the GOP Controlled House failed to fix on Trumpenfuhrer’s orders. In short, Al has nothing.

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    Grace's Border Security & Duct Tape  4 months ago

    During his first days in office, Biden reversed 94 EOs regarding border security. He the authority to reinstate them all.

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  15. Cigar smoker
    Jack7528  4 months ago


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    Al Fresco  4 months ago

    Joe is finally moving to reinstitute some of Trump’s border policies. He finally realized it was costing him votes. Think one illegal let in, one vote lost. He is at 38% approval rating falling. Too little too late, Dems.

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  17. Picture
    Ontman  4 months ago

    Braindead Goodwyn is a master liar.

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  18. Poncho icon
    Jimathai Premium Member 4 months ago

    Election year… guess its time for a border crisis… or caravan… or invasion… or whatever they are calling it this time. And since its all they have left we should get used to hearing it ad nauseum until Nov 5th when it will magically disappear again.

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  19. Sunimage
    Sun  4 months ago

    Joe Biden took the time to visit Arizona on September 28, 2023 only to avoid and ignore his border crisis.

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  20. Missing large
    zendog13la  4 months ago

    Oh, Al… you pathetic stooge. The right has lost ANY moral standing when it comes to immigration since Johnson decided to go on vacation instead of do his job. GTFOH

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  21. Img 2087
    Ivan the Terrible   4 months ago

    If there was ever a time for an app that would let you reach out and slap the s#it out of a gaslighter, straight out liar or Soros perverted lackey now’s the time!

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  22. Missing large
    piper_gilbert  4 months ago

    Trump is keeping the border open. Everyone knows that.

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  23. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  4 months ago

    Republicans screw everything up and then blame the dems.

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  24. 1
    ncorgbl  4 months ago

    conservatives in congress won’t even supply the buckets.

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  25. Cipher
    Cipher  4 months ago

    Is the problem due to the Republican House refusing to tackle the issue, or an endemic problem because Republicans never want to address the issue even when they are in charge and complain and block the issue when they’re not?

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  26. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  4 months ago

    Illegal migration numbers are down in recent months (an inconvenient fact). Trump had a chance to wave his magic wand and make immigration go away and could not do it. Why should he get another chance? He basically killed a bipartisan border control plan because “not invented by Trump”.

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  27. Unknown
    Guy Smiley  4 months ago

    HISTORY IN THE NEWS: 53 year ago Nixon called in The Plumbers. That didn’t work out well for the former president. It is reported panicked Democrats have called in Joe’s Plumbing to fix their leak of voters problem.

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  28. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  4 months ago

    Yes, it’s a tough challenge, one the Republicans refuse to do anything about. This has been true since Reagan left office. (Not that George W. Bush didn’t try; he did. But Republicans just would not come along. They never do.)

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  29. Sunimage
    Sun  4 months ago

    Democrats are the party of denial.

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  30. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 4 months ago

    Old Joe’s neglect of the Southern border will cause issues here for many, many yearsto come….causing troubles for our children and grand children…..

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