Andy Capp by Reg Smythe for February 24, 2012

  1. Image002
    hsawlrae  about 12 years ago

    Yes, but now he’s seeing her with greater clarity…unfortunately.

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  2. Cat29
    x_Tech  about 12 years ago
    My Eyes, my EYES
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  3. Elba 20111218 00003
    doc white  about 12 years ago

    wasn’t he drunk for years?

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  4. Costs us nothing
    Punter75  about 12 years ago

    Change is good?

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  5. Missing large
    rmacprivate  about 12 years ago

    Wait until he sees the mum in law

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  6. Picture 001
    rshive  about 12 years ago

    With greater clarity -unfortunately-sometimes comes greater understanding.

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  7. Amnesia
    Simon_Jester  about 12 years ago

    Same thing happend with Flo after she got glasses and saw Andy for the first time. ( Reg Smythe era, this was. )

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  8. Avatarneal2
    APersonOfInterest  about 12 years ago

    “’tis a boring world through sober eyes.”-Tal Trublood

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  9. Missing large
    marshallr0ss  about 12 years ago

    One day at a time! Keep up the good work Andy!

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  10. Jerry lakehead
    jtviper7  about 12 years ago

    If she’d turn around Andy could see that ’ cute bump ’.

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  11. Last 9 11 rescue dog birthday party new york bretagne pronounced brittany owner and rescue partner denise corliss texas
    Dry and Dusty Premium Member about 12 years ago

    I still say we are in the Twilight Zone!

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  12. Missing large
    monawarner  about 12 years ago

    Fair’s fair. Flo has been seeing him clearly for years.

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  13. Ralphziggy
    RalphZIggy  about 12 years ago

    seeing that pink coffee mug, maybe another earth-shattering change about Andy will be reveald

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  14. Coyote 5a
    valheru  about 12 years ago

    Maybe he’ll take breaks from being on the binge.

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  15. Missing large
    jadoo823  about 12 years ago

    …please have this experience drive him back to the bottle…

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  16. Missing large
    Cucklebur  about 12 years ago


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  17. Airbrush 20240305192116
    Number Three  about 12 years ago

    Sorry Flo, But this had me laughing when I seen your face expression in the last panel.

    I normally get a fright when I see MYSELF on a morning!

    LOL xxx

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  18. Spy vs spy
    noktar Premium Member about 12 years ago

    not a nightmare its a clear morningmare

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  19. Missing large
    watmiwori  about 12 years ago

    If he doesn’t pay his bookie, that’s probably the endof the strip right there. No personal experience,but I understand bookies do not take kindly to notbeing paid.

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  20. Hawkslogo
    transylvanian  about 12 years ago

    Poor Flo :) Now Andy needs to go to AA and give it up entirely. Oh, what a 4th step he has. :)

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  21. Mountain lynx
    Shikamoo Premium Member about 12 years ago

    It’s the first time that Andy has seen her clearly though.

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  22. Missing large
    hkyjckfjt  about 12 years ago

    Everything has a positive purpose!

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