Andy Capp by Reg Smythe for March 31, 2021

  1. Img 20231230 020536 hdr
    Number Three  almost 3 years ago

    Hey, Hey, Hey, Cappers!

    I have two things to show you, I’ll cut straight to it.

    A rather lovely…… Well, decent photo of me I took yesterday. 15 Likes on this comment by the time I comment again this evening and I’ll set it as my avatar on GC today:

    A text of where my blood donation has gone. I’ll let Eldo do his “research” on where that hospital is:

    Oh and Michael G and I have arranged that I call him next Tuesday, 4:30pm his time. No doubt it’ll be nothing but flirt, flirt, flirt! I can’t wait to speak to him.

    See you later. Get “Liking” but no need to make me Featured…

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  2. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  almost 3 years ago

    Who is this Riley?

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  3. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  almost 3 years ago
    How about just living the life of Andy? Isn’t that good enough for you?
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  4. 12
    AFFICIONADO  almost 3 years ago

    @Number Three Today’s strip IS funny , our HERO Mr Andrew Capp is forthright in his request for a loan ,but who the hey was Riley who lived a good life? to get a loan from a bank you have to prove you don’t actually need it :o) my avatar is of a cat stating that she ignores her “owner’s” call like Bella ignores me but makes a fuss over her mummy , Connie , how was your day? and Hendrix has crossed the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven and beviek has got new mutt ,we keep in touch but I can’t give you her E-mail adress unless she tells me to, our day should be busy but calm I hope , today in the Roman Catholic Religion it’s ASH Wednesday and when I was an Altar boy I used to have fun putting ashes on people’s heads ,otherwise we are both in a good mood , keep safe and thanks for caring young Lady

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  5. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  almost 3 years ago

    You have about as much chance of getting a bank loan as Flo has of seeing you get a job!

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  6. Picture 001
    rshive  almost 3 years ago

    Must be a bank that hasn’t yet heard Andy’s reputation.

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  7. Img 1931
    Sanspareil  almost 3 years ago

    Maybe he was referring to “Riley ace of spies” as depicted by Sam Neill in a very good British series.

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  8. 12
    AFFICIONADO  almost 3 years ago

    @Linguist As you may know , today March 31 is a National Holiday in Malta “Jum Il-Helsien” to commemorate the day when the Brits humoured our Gov of the day and sent a Destroyer to leave Grand Harbour , a sailor lower the Union Jack and a Maltese soldier raise our flag 10 years after the brits wanted to leave ,a non event

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  9. Ttle caesar 1931 behind the scenes making film 01
    Little Caesar  almost 3 years ago

    “Under this stone lies Murphy, They buried him yesterday;He lived the life of Riley, while Riley was away.”

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  10. Zero
    zerotvus  almost 3 years ago

    my friend was a bank loan manger. this guy wanted to borrow money for his bankruptcy. he didn’t get the loan……

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  11. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  almost 3 years ago

    Banks will never give Andy a loan, and would be most happy to leave him alone!

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  12. Missing large
    jd0688  almost 3 years ago

    ok trivia buffs, who starred in the TV series:“The Life of Riley” on the Dumont network?

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  13. Stinker
    cuzinron47  almost 3 years ago

    Loan Manager: “And we’re pretty insistent that the loan be repaid, that it’s called ‘loan’.” Andy: “I knew there was a catch.”

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  14. Missing large
    Carl Rennhack Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Any suggestions as to what Brudder Capp would use for collateral?

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  15. Pirate63
    Linguist  almost 3 years ago

    A guy I grew up with went into the banking business. At one point he was in charge of supervising loans for all the bank’s branch offices. He discovered that the formula that they were using for their loan applications ( this was in the days before computers ) was skewed and many good potential borrowers were being turned down, while many poor risks were getting approved.

    He ran an application on himself and would have been turned down for a loan because his credit report showed that he still owed his college bookstore $46 for textbooks from his Senior year. Here he was a Vice-President of a large bank and couldn’t qualify for a loan in his own bank!

    ( He swore he’d paid the bookstore! )

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  16. Img 20231230 020536 hdr
    Number Three  almost 3 years ago

    I’d rather live the life of “Annelise” myself…


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  17. Img 20231230 020536 hdr
    Number Three  almost 3 years ago


    So sad to hear about Hendrix. Dogs just don’t live long enough. They deserve to live longer than some humans.

    I wasn’t wanting Beviek’s email address. But if she would like me to have it, you can private message me it on Facebook. I don’t mind.

    We have a few cats in our street. Only 1 dog though. A Shih-Tzu.

    Stay safe, stay well and stay happy, pal. I’m getting KFC tonight. Drool Drool Drool.

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  18.  h366 w650 m6 otrue lfalse
    tad1  almost 3 years ago

    What a revoltin’ development! (I heard that all the time as a kid when I was watching Looney Tunes. Didn’t find out about the show until later.)

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  19. Missing large
    Dorothy Ownbey Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    “I once lived the life of Riley. Then Riley discovered his credit cards were missing.” Anon.

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  20. Coyote3
    bhamdodger  almost 3 years ago

    Also most banks require some kind of income before they loan people money.

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