Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott for May 07, 2007

  1. Screenshot 2023 02 17 8.46.31 pm
    Kitty Cop  9 months ago

    Imagine not having a phone in 5 grade 2022!That’s my life!

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  2. Blue
    Quincy_From_The _Future   8 months ago

    at first, I really wanted a phone to be like everyone who did but then I decided that I didn’t actually want one. when I did get one it was in 8th grade on my birthday and it was just because I was going on a trip to Washington with my family to visit my brother and his family. I stayed there to watch his kids and I had to fly back alone.

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  3. Turtle
    Resident Master Plumber  6 months ago

    Got my first phone when I was 20.

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  4. Hexav yahoo
    hex  2 months ago

    My 1st memory of “my” phone was that it was like a cell phone: no dial, no buttons, but it had a nice operator on the other end who would connect me with the person I wanted to talk to. Although sometime I had to wait because someone at another house was already on the line.

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