B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart for March 06, 2024

  1. Your fav dog
    deojaideep aka Courage  4 months ago

    THIS one got me, ROFLing!!

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  2. Wolf
    Mediatech  4 months ago

    Non buono

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  3. Missing large
    angelolady Premium Member 4 months ago

    Oooff!! Poor ol’ John!

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  4. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  4 months ago

    He gots a Rome-antic kick eh.

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  5. Img015
    DaveG1960  4 months ago

    John’s looks totally shell-shocked………….

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  6. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  4 months ago

    Mario didn’t Nintendo harm poor John.

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  7. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  4 months ago

    Get the ol’ sunroof squished in, did ya?!

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  8. Images
    Geophyzz  4 months ago

    Turtle up John! You’re built for this.

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  9. Photo
    dcdete.  4 months ago

    So it is not really ’It’s a me, Mario’, but a Mario stand in? Or in this case a Mario jump in, who likes to yell like Betty Boop?

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  10. 20210517 082929
    flagmichael  4 months ago

    I wonder who put the Band-Aids on his shell.

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  11. Beer o clock
    Doug Taylor Premium Member 4 months ago

    THANKS Now I’ve got that stupid music stuck in my head!

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  12. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  4 months ago

    Just seeing that “oof” look on John’s face in the third panel!

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  13. Missing large
    paulprobujr  4 months ago

    Should have powered up with the magic mushroom.

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  14. Ugly poor
    Prey  4 months ago

    So a Mario is a short, heavy footed git with a silly mustache?

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  15. Missing large
    elbow macaroni  4 months ago

    Is there anything prehistoric about this? How about funny? Any humor here?

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  16. Moviesicon bigger
    Ken Gagne Premium Member 4 months ago

    They should’ve waited and run this gag on Sunday… MAR10 Day!

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  17. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  4 months ago

    At least he didn’t get his shell kicked around like a Koopa Troopa.

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  18. Photo 1501706362039 c06b2d715385
    Zebrastripes  4 months ago

    Wait til I get my hands on that stunade Mario-dude…

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  19. 20211101 125120
    scote1379 Premium Member 4 months ago

    See Naples and Die

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  20. Img 5203
    rockyridge1977  4 months ago

    …..looks like a double print????

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  21. Pexels pixabay 278823
    Doug K  4 months ago

    Why didn’t D00kie Bird travel with John to Italy?

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  22. 250
    ladykat  4 months ago

    A dented shell was his only souvenir.

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  23. Ccf02132020
    zarilla  4 months ago

    Italy disowned the name Mario once the Super Mario craze got into high gear.

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  24. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  4 months ago

    Ah, Italy in the Stone Age. The Flintstones would probably call it ‘Italyrock’.

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  25. Missing large
    joannesshadow  4 months ago

    I’m going to Italy in May. Should I pack a hard hat?

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  26. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  4 months ago


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