Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for June 03, 1998

  1.  js  me
    Feed Me Comics!  about 10 years ago

    The third panel made me nearly cry. She was being a bit of a bully with Nate. Nate’s just a guy who’s glad the girl of his dreams asked him out

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  2. Missing large
    big nate yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  about 10 years ago

    The person i like is really nice

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  3. Lane
    minecraftfan01  about 9 years ago

    sheila is a cheerleader too

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  4. Epic face
    SuperDavid  almost 9 years ago


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  5. Riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  over 8 years ago

    jenny’s such a stuck up JERK!! Nate sooooo doesn’t deserve him!!

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  6. Riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  over 8 years ago

    i meant her

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  7. My little monster
    Frostfire7096  over 6 years ago

    well I think Jenny is very rude and a bit jerkish to Nate. Which I wonder why Nate even likes her being a very stuck-up person. He deserved better treatment than what he got

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  8. Missing large
    maxpat  over 6 years ago

    OMG Jenny shows her true personality here. Poor Nate! If I were Sheila, I don’t think I would want to hang out with her anymore…

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  9. Deadpool
    timmytohns  about 6 years ago

    This is Jenny’s true personality.

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  10. Img 3153  1
    Johnnie Polo Premium Member almost 6 years ago

    My Lori D doesn’t think that way about me. She just friend zoned me when I want it all. I LOVE YOU LORI!!!!!!

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  11. Snapp
    shaderayde  over 5 years ago

    Hey guys, think about this… Nate has been driving Jenny crazy for YEARS. And by doing the most obnoxious stuff. Also, Nate is constantly referring to his friends like this as well. To be perfectly honest, Nate is as bad as Jenny.

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  12. Img 0854
    SUPER BIG NATE FAN  almost 3 years ago

    Yeah Jenny isn’t very nice. Who straight out says, “I’m out of your league?”

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  13. Screenshot 2020 10 30 at 11.08.45 am
    depressed_meme  about 2 years ago

    wuts so gr8 about cheerleaders?

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  14. Screenshot 2020 10 30 at 11.08.45 am
    depressed_meme  about 2 years ago

    dis womanz complimenting herself

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  15. Tenor  4
    elmo the dancing puppet  almost 2 years ago

    okay shes an ass

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  16. 141 1417391 diamond shape clipart blue diamond shape clipart dinosaur
    MJ J  almost 2 years ago

    Being a cheerleader is lame.

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  17. 670d50c9 8404 4e1a a1f1 b2d6f5268d74
    All I want is my rope roblox Xmas style  almost 2 years ago

    He is my opinion on this argument Nate is all ways bothering Jenny but Jenny is a bit harsh with him but here is what I don’t get Nate does WAY more stuff to Jenny than Jenny dose to him. And I find it odd when Nate dos all these things and people go meh but when Jenny say one rude thing or hits Nate people go OMG JENNY IS SO MEAN like…..

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  18. Large screenshot 2021 02 17 at 1.22.37 pm
    Doglover26  over 1 year ago


    i am so mad. jenny ONLY THINKS ABOUT HERSELF. she said she is popular, and a cheerleader, and nate is just an insect. Guess what jenny, NOBODY CARES! you may be popular, but that is just because people don’t realize just how cruel and cold hearted you are. nate was practically floating when you asked him, and now you say he is an INSECT?! what is wrong with you? nate has done so many nice things to you, like getting you gifts and writing poems, FOR YOU. he literally ditched kelly because he wanted to be with you. so you do you react to that? you beat him up and throw him in the trash! news flash jenny, not everything is about you! just because you are “popular” doesn’t mean you can act like this. Like I said before, you are only popular because people don’t know your true self. Nate does, and he still likes you, but you just beat him up everytime! will it kill you to be a decent person for once in your life?! you even had the nerve to call him a nobody. look who is talking. when jenny moved to seattle, I was happy. i hoped she would stay there forever so that nate can have some peace of mind. but no. she had to come back and mess everything up for nate. I am sorry that this is so long, but I really hate people who only think about themselves ( aka jenny). as i am writing this, I am fuming. I have so much more to say, but if i typed all of it, my fingers would go numb. i just want to say that nate should know that jenny is a horrible person and nate shouldn’t waste his time chasing after her.

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  19. Kirby 2
    Kirbo  over 1 year ago

    ok ok jenny

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  20. Quincy 0
    ᏕᕱuᏒԾภ Ϯ♅ꂅ ภꂅ꒝ᏒԾოᕱภ꒝ꂅᏒ✔️  over 1 year ago

    Speaking of insects Jenny you soon will have no date

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  21. Photo
    AliAdhami  over 1 year ago

    Manipulative Jerk III: How Is This Series Still Going

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  22. Photo
    MalikAli  over 1 year ago

    This is not okay. Nate may be annoying at a point but jenny has no right to treat him like that. Nate literally made a 5 hour homemade valentine card and she literally gave him an agent Cody banks card that she did not even sign. I cant believe she now has the audacity to actually call herself a popular student and Nate an insect. I agree with doglover26. Jenny just thinks of herself as the queen of the world . If I was nates freind I would have told him this and that jenny is the wrong person for him to be chasing for the good of my buddy.

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  23. Dee deeeee
    Dee Dee (no drama)  about 1 year ago


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  24. 3f51d0dc97f8e4d5826df9bbf0a7f012
    Dscrib (mostly inactive)  about 1 year ago

    Okay, an insect might be taking it a little to far.

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  25. Randy the looser
    (NOT) Randy Betancourt  about 1 year ago

    Shut your mouth and stop being such a bully Jenny you KAREN-LOOKING GIRL.

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  26. Randy the looser
    (NOT) Randy Betancourt  about 1 year ago

    Shut up SHUT UP JENNY

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  27. Randy the looser
    (NOT) Randy Betancourt  12 months ago

    I can’t stand Jenny. I just can’t.

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  28. Bn960706
    Chip and Biff  8 months ago

    Gina and jenny must be long lost sisters.

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  29. Missing large
    Sci-Fi Fanatic207  4 months ago

    Wow. Jenny is such a snob.

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  30. Guest 120ca9a6 73f6 4d4a bc37 e68bbef9c2ef
    chrissywakeup  4 months ago

    Jenny is a huge jerk. I don’t know what Nate sees in her.

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  31. 0754b50f5d234611ebcdccfc210895f7eca0166c991b1e137fac206f76d60b38 3
    Sokka the Great  about 2 months ago

    It’s funny how Jenny talks about Nate like this, but then when he gets with Kelly, she gets mad that he’s not giving her attention anymore…

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