Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for June 26, 2012

  1. Gocomics icon
    animation ruler  over 11 years ago

    Nate, wash your feet. It’s not like you’re wearing your LUCKY SOCKS or anything.

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  2. Gocomics icon
    animation ruler  over 11 years ago

    At first it looked like there was water spraying out of the ground. It could’ve done without all the white.

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  3. Lego brick 3
    Cyberbrick  over 11 years ago

    Totally Hilarious!

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  4. Missing large
    kullyrai  over 11 years ago

    @Mikal Harris: one to blame the colourist for I think

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  5.  js  me
    Feed Me Comics!  over 11 years ago

    We have a code stink! I repeat code stink!THE NEXT DAY: Nate’s feet are so smelly the traffic lights turn off and cars crash into each other!THE DAY AFTER THAT: New born babies die! Everyone dies! Except for Nate who doesn’t know how smelly his feet are.NATE: Oops, I guess I should’ve washed my feet or put my shoes back on!

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  6. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Put on some odor eaters already.

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  7. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member over 11 years ago

    And he waited until AFTER prank day to unleash the fury!!Man, I wonder if he took ’em off all year…………….

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  8. Gocci
    dekawesome  over 11 years ago


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  9. 2203921 med.png
  10. Animated
    listmom  over 11 years ago

    Hmmm…Wonder if that’s Diamond Lil’s bird “Stupid”. He usually hits things full body like that.

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  11. Scrat
    hometownk Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Birds have nostrils, but no sense of smell.

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  12. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Poor little bird!

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  13. Missing large
    starlilies  over 11 years ago

    And even if you thought birds didn’t have noses Nate, look what happened. For the sake of all that is living, PUT YOUR SHOES BACK ON!

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  14. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member over 11 years ago

    ‘course, now, I’m thinking of the Frank Zappa song “Stinkfoot”. Was that from “Apostrophe”? Chuckle! CHUCKLE!!

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  15. Missing large
    torn newspaper  over 11 years ago

    they do

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  16. Popeyesforearm image
    Popeyesforearm  over 11 years ago

    those feet would give Fats Waller something to sing about.

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  17. Popeyesforearm image
    Popeyesforearm  over 11 years ago

    so that’s where you been hidin’. We gotta quit meeting like this.Bluto is getting suspicious.

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  18. 0
    cbrsarah  over 11 years ago

    A school nurse said my daughter should see a gyn because she had an odor. We didn’t have to do that. Turned out it was her feet. We got her odor eaters and that cleared it up right away, but we kept replacing them for a year to make sure. The problem resolved itself and no more odor problem.

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  19. Imgres
    calvinsfriend110  over 11 years ago

    Even the birds agree.

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  20.  0cb6a2d0 2682 41f4 6174 eaa978ef2009
    asions  over 11 years ago

    The shoes stunk yesterday, and the feet stink today. Wired.

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  21. Missing large
    Comicsfan07  over 11 years ago

    Francis, what are you going to say to the Audubon society? ‘’ Excuse me, a bird died because of this kid’s feet! They smell really bad!‘’. They won’t buy it.

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  22. Mario1437  1
    drummer1437  over 11 years ago

    That is the funniest LOL I wil ever say in my LOLed life

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  23. Img 0706
    UniformTrain3  over 6 years ago


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  24. Missing large
    nandayconures!  about 4 years ago

    Birds do, in fact, have noises. However, birds do not have a sense of smell.

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  25. Large screenshot 2020 05 15 at 6.32.01 pm
    the biggest Nate  over 3 years ago

    R.I.P. bird. you will be remembered as the bird that got killed by a 6th grader’s feet

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  26. Big nate
    Big Nate Rocks!!!  about 3 years ago

    birds don’t have noses however they do have nostrils on their beaks to smell

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  27. Screenshot 2021 09 28 8.01.34 am
    Matthias   about 3 years ago

    this is like the crazed bird in London scene in the movie “the core”

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  28. Sharingan
    The Uchiha Clan  almost 3 years ago

    Nate: Takes off socks | World: DIES

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  29. Aoh14gjijbex87mijgbjujp77cfpz7ymtzd7skgr2oza=s96 c
    hockey man  over 2 years ago

    or DO they?

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  30. Killuabuthairline
    Killua Zoldyck  over 2 years ago

    who cares about global warming? what about NATE Warming?

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  31. Missing large
    349059279  about 2 years ago

    I used to make fun of this girl because her singing was kind of off key and we (her and me) used to say it kills the birds because of the sound. Well nate kills the birds better in this case. XD

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  32. 010534 1346719
    Dumb Dancin' Spitzy [Eats Lawn Mower]:)  about 2 years ago

    That bird must be at least 100 feet high when he died (O_O)

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  33. Screenshot 2022 03 09 9.21.06 am
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