Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for July 05, 2012

  1. Lego brick 3
    Cyberbrick  almost 12 years ago

    Nate got busted!

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  2.  js  me
    Feed Me Comics!  almost 12 years ago

    We haven’t seen Mr Eustis in ages! We’ve seen Spitsy, his nutty doggy, but not the guy in ages! One of my favourite strips is where Mr Eutis is on a diet and Nate delivers him cookies for his troop but Mr Eutis says he can’t eat them because he’s on a diet. So Nate ends up eating the cookies and ends up home sick and full. For some reason, it makes me sad, that comic.

    How do you pronounce Mr Eutis’ name? In my head, I say it as Ute-Iz.

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  3. Missing large
    kullyrai  almost 12 years ago

    @Feed me comics!The spelling of Eustis looks a lot like how the London Underground station Euston is spelt, so I pronounce it “U-stis”

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  4. Nature shots
    UltraMoose  almost 12 years ago

    Does anyone find it odd that Mr. Eustis’s neck is 5 times as wide as Nate’s? I don’t care, however. It’s the comics page! Certain things are allowed to be exaggerated to a certain extent. Nice expressions, Senior Peirce.

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  5. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    I guess your dad must have borrowed it.

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  6. Scrat
    hometownk Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    There are those of us who buy what we need and those who borrow everything.

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  7. Shady shmeguien
    GregoriusM  almost 12 years ago

    Hey, does anyone know why there are a lot of the 1998 strips missing?

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  8. Untitled
    Raging Waves  almost 12 years ago

    I wonder how Nate stole the lawn mower without being caught.

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  9. Popeyesforearm image
    Popeyesforearm  almost 12 years ago

    who does Nate think he is, Dagwood’s neighbor Herb?

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  10. Imgres
    calvinsfriend110  almost 12 years ago

    Uh oh!

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  11. Cimg1807
    cookies333  almost 12 years ago

    oooooh boy!

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