Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for March 14, 2014

  1. Scrat
    hometownk Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Prediction: And Peter will answer the question before Gina can.

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  2. Nate
    Bandicat  about 9 years ago

    Mamma mia….. Colombo Sri Lanka, where I live, I’m soooo happy to see that. Thanks Lincoln Peirce.Exact time is 7.30 Pm

    I’m soo happy…

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  3. Unknown
    slp123  about 9 years ago

    Peter shoild join the fact town smack down

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  4. Best ever
    Colts+Luck=win  about 9 years ago


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  5. Missing large
    mariorules91  about 9 years ago

    Hey Lincoln, when’s the next story with Gram and Gramps?

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  6. Penguins
    Penguin022  about 9 years ago

    Woohoo! Go Peter!

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  7. Large color dance 1
    Arsenal rock  about 9 years ago

    Im guessing Peter will win

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  8. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member about 9 years ago

    You had to say something did you Chad?

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  9. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Chad has made good calls before…………well whaddaya know!!!!

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  10. Scrat
    hometownk Premium Member about 9 years ago

    In my opinion I think switching back and forth from standard time to savings time should be abolished. Once upon a time, we had 6 months of each. Now DST starts earlier and Standard time starts later in the year. Why not leave it at DST and be done with it?

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  11. Screen shot 2013 12 02 at 10.56.36 am
    will comic man  about 9 years ago

    peter is gonna join

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  12. Im000587
    slhansen07  about 9 years ago

    Bandicat That’s amazing, and I am soo happy for you.

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  13. Missing large
    kingsley937  about 9 years ago

    hi im Lincoln peirce the next comic is peter entering a contest

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  14. N
    NateNerd  about 9 years ago

    Possibly the form of a wacky plot twist comes in the surprise that one could have found a very smart person to interfere, such as Peter. But isn’t he smart enough to but out and mind his own business! That, and it is surprising how there are no teachers supervising.

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  15. Screen shot 2016 10 11 at 2.54.02 pm
    Dee Dee Holloway  about 7 years ago


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  16. Bignate 2013 12 22 at 6 09 38 pm
    THE #1 COOL KID!  about 7 years ago

    peter has a bigger brain than the whole school combinedand what is he doing there

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  17. Teddy 0
    BIGNATE#EPIC281  about 7 years ago


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  18. 5e501644 3186 4f2f a0b1 700cec77242c
    Venetus Alpha  about 7 years ago

    Why is peter in this scene?

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  19. Chad
    Chad Applewhite  almost 6 years ago

    Oooh, wacky plot twist! Peter’s gonna beat Gina AND Francis with EARPLUGS!

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  20. Loading
    Nate Wright #1 Fan  almost 6 years ago

    I’m from Sri Lanka!

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  21. 1f75a0f3 4a74 46d5 ba86 8cb6b9ca752d
    Francis B. Pope  over 4 years ago


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  22. Happy
    Happy Eevee  almost 3 years ago

    Wacky Plot Twist Achieved

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  23. Teddynick
    Comment Section Teddy IS BACK BABY!!!!!  over 2 years ago

    WaCkY pLoT tWiSt Lol

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  24. Aoh14gjijbex87mijgbjujp77cfpz7ymtzd7skgr2oza=s96 c
    hockey man  over 2 years ago

    help us Peter

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  25. Photo
    Pets of the comics  over 2 years ago


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  26. Happiny
    Chompinglightning  about 2 years ago

    Whos do yoush thinksh gonna winsh

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  27. Thunderbolt 1
    Thunderbolt Boss  about 2 years ago

    Not 8:30, 7:30. Curse daylight savings.

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  28. Large screenshot 2022 03 24 11.25.51
    Free Ukraine   about 1 year ago

    I’m from Sri Lanka

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