Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for April 07, 2014

  1. Missing large
    favm  over 9 years ago

    Sugar mixed with sugar.

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  2. Scrat
    hometownk Premium Member over 9 years ago

    I think he spotted something on the box.

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  3. Tidal basin copy
    kamb8  over 9 years ago

    Yes, I think there’s something on the box. I’m guessing some sort of contest which will end in hilarity.

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  4. 208px us army bundesgrenzschutz
    Stew Bek Premium Member over 9 years ago

    I’m guessing something with one of his cartoon heroines, Femme Fatale or the new one.

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  5. 61d hobbes
    T.A.S.K Master  over 9 years ago

    Kamb8’s right

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  6. Riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  over 9 years ago

    or maybe he won something that’s written on the box??

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  7. Image
    Bacon555  over 9 years ago

    to every wrestling fan out there


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  8. Image
    Bacon555  over 9 years ago


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  9. Missing large
    Matchip19  over 9 years ago

    Either a trip to Disney World, a new skateboard, someone is missing, or they announced no school.

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  10. N
    NateNerd  over 9 years ago

    Usually the first part of the comic shouldn’t already give you suspense. And I believe that if you look closer you might see the makings of the word free. Just saying.

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  11. Smiley face 1600x1200 wallpaper 775678
    Mr Buddy  over 9 years ago

    in the morning?

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  12. Smiley face 1600x1200 wallpaper 775678
    Mr Buddy  over 9 years ago

    in the morning?

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  13. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member over 9 years ago

    ………..a sweepstakes ticket printed on the back of the box. First prize: A lifetime supply of Cheez Doodles. Mirth! MIRTH!!

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  14. Missing large
    Poollady  over 9 years ago

    Yeah probably a “free” baseball with 10 boxtops and $5 shipping and handling.

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  15. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member over 9 years ago

    A spasm of course.

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  16. Dodge viper green 2
    rgcviper  over 9 years ago

    At first I thought the cereal’s name was HUNKY Bursts. Oop-sie …

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  17. I m waitring
    Barker62  over 9 years ago

    Maybe he saw his picture on the box? No wait, that’s milk cartons that have the pics of missing people.

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  18. Missing large
    aneeshbathey  over 9 years ago

    is femme fatality on the cereal box or sumthing like that?

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  19. Image
    big_nate_lovah  over 8 years ago

    It s probably a free femme fatality coupon or something as Nate nerd said

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  20. New piskel
    Ehi10  about 4 years ago

    Is this where the woah meme came fom

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  21. 39e67913 68c4 4375 97da 7067feacf72d
    ComicFan4Life  over 3 years ago


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  22. 1505940731407  1
    Dragon_Fan21  over 3 years ago


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  23. Large screenshot 2020 09 17 at 6.11.46 pm
    HalberCon  about 3 years ago

    that is what tintins dog says

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  24. Large big chungus vector by vexikku dcv33c0 pre
    Somnambulant  over 1 year ago

    arc time

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