Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for January 11, 2018

  1. Missing large
    Silica Gel  over 5 years ago

    Hahaha. I should have remembered this strip when I thought my legs shaking when nervous was the restless legs syndrome. Well whoever pointed out to me yesterday that it happens when we sleep is correct. Kudos to them.

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  2. Images
    Hockey17  over 5 years ago

    It might not even be a syndrome, probably just a habit. I drum and tap my fingers a lot.

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  3. Rupert 1.9 small
    kluless19  over 5 years ago

    My Mom used to call it St Vitus’ dance

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  4. 76c51653 b6a6 4b69 8440 0511771e0444
    CanadaBall  over 5 years ago

    I bet the next batch of new strips are going too be good! Remember the SPG Santa ark? That was funny

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  5. Img 0952
    joegeethree  over 5 years ago

    Gina is right. Nate’s conclusion is wrong. So what else is new?

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  6. Hev1
    hev1  over 5 years ago

    That should actually be a combination of Nate bouncing his legs, Nate’s stupidity, and the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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  7. D757d8d7 c22b 417b 8871 f52365269889
    Godzilla2016  over 5 years ago

    That was my leg after surgery every time I stretched.

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  8. Screen shot 2017 01 11 at 5.57.50 pm
    Lhenn  over 5 years ago

    I have read this arc so many times it isn’t that funny anymore

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  9. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  over 5 years ago

    Out of everything in the world I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to have a physical condition named after you. It would be better to have an animal or a snack to be named after you.

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  10. Missing large
    DM2860  over 5 years ago

    I have the same problem as Nate and I was told it is a physical manifestation of Tourette’s syndrome.

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  11. 903bf849 4f0d 43f2 a6a7 b299059e5674
    Silvermoon  over 5 years ago

    Maybe he has ADHD

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  12. Download
    Random Person  over 5 years ago

    I guess I have Nate Wright Syndrome.

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  13. 3760c8c7 eb8a 4545 a249 53492ed6f1e6
    Giddy  over 5 years ago

    “Nate Wright Syndrome” Sounds bad every way you put it

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  14. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 5 years ago

    No, you have ten year old boy syndrome. It’s been around like, since, forever! I remember when I had it. It was nearly fatal.

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  15. Missing large
    banjinshiju  over 5 years ago

    Nate Wright is a syndrome!

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  16. 8de6a1d4 98a4 4b16 80e6 2b0055da8b1c
    Flapjack  over 5 years ago

    I love panel 3 where they are pointing at each other! True mates.

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  17. 9
    Axeɫ handeɫ  over 5 years ago

    Good one.

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  18. Missing large
    zachariaibrahim10  over 5 years ago

    I have the same problem

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  19. Large download
    Justified  over 5 years ago

    i seem to bounce my legs a lot but that’s mainly if i’m hurt… i think

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  20. Missing large
    Bennett  over 5 years ago

    Hev1’s comment has been here for almost 10 hours, and it only has one reply! Keep it up, guys! We’re doing great!

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  21. Unknown 5
    MIGHTY BANANAS  over 5 years ago

    Nate wright syndrome

    This syndrome causes you to bounce your leg uncontrollably, is has led to the death of thousands of annoyed classmates because they could stand the bouncing. It is extreemly contagious and if you have it, stay away from others and call 1-230-665-6231.

    World health department

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  22. Download
    Random Person  over 5 years ago

    I was going to make a comment imitating a typical commercial that would be made for a product that treats Night Wright Syndrome, and I sarted thinking about side effects that the product would have, and that reminded me of the crazy side effects that some products have. When I’m watching TV sometimes all see a product that treats something that maybe one of my friends has and I’ll think, “Oh, that looks like a good product. I think I’ll recommend it (insert friend’s name)!” Then I keep on watching and the commercial goes somewhat like this. “Guaranteed to treat (inset condition) 100% of the time! Side effects include dizziness, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and suicidal actions.” Then I turn off the TV and go cry into my blankie. Am I the only one sees this way too often and thinks is really, really messed up?

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  23. Missing large
    cyrinyx  over 5 years ago

    I still have this “syndrome,” though to stop it, I usually cross my legs when working on a project due the very next day because I procrastinate. Don’t do what I do guys.

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  24. Photo
    Potato Man III  over 5 years ago

    I have jumpy legs too. Nate isn’t special with this sort of thing. Actually, many people have it.

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  25. Hot putin
    Embrace Your Fear  over 5 years ago

    Only Nate could think that he got naming rights.

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  26. Photo
    ProcatTheawesome  about 5 years ago

    Hoe doesn’t care about the science of it

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  27. Aoh14gig4qwduwsb h0vgygf27t2rrtuny5sauvxvc7aig
    MukhilManoj  about 2 years ago


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  28. Missing large
    I can't think of a name  11 months ago

    Honestly he should be the name of the medicine and not the syndrome if he wants to be remembered for something good

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