Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for January 23, 2018

  1. Missing large
    Tue Elung-Jensen  almost 5 years ago

    … and as we all know he takes pride in making the first shot a complete disaster, so people come back to pay for more. :)

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  2. Jon
    CallOfPie  almost 5 years ago

    In the third panel it looks like he’s talking out of a mouth on the back of his head

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  3. Missing large
    Pranav  almost 5 years ago

    I’m a kid

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  4. Images
    Hockey17  almost 5 years ago

    I hate school picture day. My real smile looks ok, but when I try to smile, I look ridiculous.

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  5. Cool hd gif  1
    Toomb  almost 5 years ago

    “All I do is press the button” 9/10

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  6. Cool hd gif  1
    Toomb  almost 5 years ago

    Joke of the day:

    Hitler died in 1945. Trump was born in 1945.

    Coincedence? Probably

    Scary? Definitely

    Mystery? Maybe

    Hotel? Trivago

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  7. Screen shot 2017 01 11 at 5.57.50 pm
    Lhenn  almost 5 years ago

    The photographers at my school are almost as bad as SPG. They just put you on a stool, take the picture, and then you’re done. Both of my pictures at this have been terrible so I might try what my cousin does and just not smile.

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  8. Hot putin
    Embrace Your Fear  almost 5 years ago

    I love how the School Picture guy ends up in so many comics!

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  9. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  almost 5 years ago

    Spoiler alert: Nate’s [####] [########].

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  10. Hev1
    hev1  almost 5 years ago

    That’s only his job on the surface. When he’s taking a picture of Nate, it’s a different story—he’s doing it for comedy.

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  11. 8a0bfa15 bbbc 4614 be5e 73e2fc9834e4
    Ivantoons  almost 5 years ago

    9/10 Excluding the fact that it’s a rerun.

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  12. 01c17e60 b2a2 4153 bcf4 883e19804584 242 00000003e2eb5634
    yoda lover 23  almost 5 years ago

    school picture guy is just doing it for the money

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  13. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  almost 5 years ago

    Today’s random comic!

    You will not be disappointed with my comment there today. I had a lot of fun making it. LOL

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  14. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  almost 5 years ago

    Now SPG is about to shoot the receiver. XD Srry, more puns. LOL

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  15. 8de6a1d4 98a4 4b16 80e6 2b0055da8b1c
    Flapjack  almost 5 years ago

    I think School Picture Guy only does photography because he finds it fun to make people look bad.

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  16. Download
    doug dimmadome  almost 5 years ago

    when will the reruns end

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  17. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  almost 5 years ago

    Poll war 1?

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  18. 0a1s2d3f4g5h
    0a1s2d3f4g5h  almost 5 years ago

    this strip look familiar?

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  19. Portland press herald 3691931
    Natendo  almost 5 years ago

    Anyone else think Principal Nichols & SPG look similar?

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  20. Untitled
    ...dfd  almost 5 years ago

    Is it just me, or does GoComics look different?

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  21. Large ihlkf
    Michael G. Scott  almost 5 years ago

    At least its a rerun with SPG !!!

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  22. Img 1175
    AmbershineOfTC  almost 5 years ago

    This years school picture I looked like a constipated carrot.

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  23. Unknown 5
    MIGHTY BANANAS  almost 5 years ago

    Story from yesterday

    The Curse of the Mona Lisa

    I was led into the madman’s workshop, painting in one place, a tank in another, and a strange device that I had never seen before.

    The device was a perfect sphere with a cone on the top. On the top of the cone was another sphere, like a pen. Strangely, I thought I heard voices inside of it, screaming for help, but it must of just been my imagination.

    “What’s that”, I questioned.

    “That is my greatest invention of all time. It allows me to paint paintings of quality beyond anything seen before. Have a look my beautiful masterpiece, Annunciation.”He gestured for me to look at the painting, and I was shocked at how real it looked.

    “That is a masterpiece”, I said awed.

    “You right that it is. And now we are going to make a better masterpiece with you as the model. Now sit down on this stool while I go grab my device.

    Exited, I plunked myself down of the stool. Quickly, he grabbed his device and aimed it at me.

    “Hold still.”

    Those were the last words I heard before I was sucked inside.


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