Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for January 24, 2018

  1. Screenshot 2018 06 22 19.42.32
    Synchro StardustDragon  over 4 years ago

    ok……. interesting

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  2. Missing large
    305buckets  over 4 years ago

    Wonder what the mustache looked like.

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  3. 9441430c 0de2 44c0 8439 3bb514abfe2f
    Jansen  over 4 years ago

    Riddle of the Day: A farmer has twenty sheep, ten pigs and ten cows. If we call the pigs cows, how many cows will he have? I will put the answer in tomorrow’s comic. I’m just trying this out, so tell me if I should do more or not do more.

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  4. Screenshot 2018 06 22 19.42.32
    Synchro StardustDragon  over 4 years ago

    so i just clicked ‘random’ and found comments about this czerwikisays and apparently, there polls???

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  5. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  over 4 years ago

    It would be awesome if SPG started mentioning some of Nate’s classmates.

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  6. B2z3 018
    dlkrueger33  over 4 years ago

    When Ms. Bischoff saw her school photo, she was heard to utter, “Hello…I must be going”.

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  7. Cool hd gif  1
    Toomb  over 4 years ago

    Nate’s so happy in the first panel! But then his expression shifts in the third one. SPG and his adventures 8/10

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  8. Cool hd gif  1
    Toomb  over 4 years ago

    Joke of the day:

    Stupid Sam went for a haircut with his headphones on. He told the barber, “Give me a haircut but don’t remove the headphones or I’ll die.” The barber thought that was weird, but not wanting to lose a customer, he agreed. He started to cut his hair but the headphones kept coming in the way. Eventually, he got irritated and ripped of the headphones and threw them in one corner. Stupid Sam fell down and died. The barber was shocked and thought, “Wow! He was serious about that.” He went over to the headphones to hear what was playing. A woman’s voice could be heard, “Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in…”

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  9. Missing large
    Pranav  over 4 years ago

    Does anyone know on which date sherman the gerbil appears first??

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  10. Large mozart
    Rachel_E  over 4 years ago

    I just love SPG! :)

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  11. 76c51653 b6a6 4b69 8440 0511771e0444
    CanadaBall  over 4 years ago

    For some reason my strip is tiny can someone help

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  12. Large ihlkf
    Michael G. Scott  over 4 years ago

    I want to see Groucho Bischoff’s school picture!

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  13. Fd19130d 2857 4a5d 8d7e 4b285d4c5bd7
    LeeJoseph  over 4 years ago

    I’m a new commenter

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  14. Puppet
    GidKid011  over 4 years ago

    School Picture guy in the last pannel lol.

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  15. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  over 4 years ago

    Today’s random comic!

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  16. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  over 4 years ago

    I don’t think mustache girl was SPG fault. LOL

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  17. 8a0bfa15 bbbc 4614 be5e 73e2fc9834e4
    Ivantoons  over 4 years ago


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  18. Inset 126959
    To0tsie  over 4 years ago

    Do any girls actually keep a mustache? I hope not.

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  19. Th  19
    Thot Patrol  over 4 years ago

    Puberty hit Groucho like a truck

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  20. Download
    Random Person  over 4 years ago

    Where’s today’s strip?

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  21. D757d8d7 c22b 417b 8871 f52365269889
    Godzilla2016  over 4 years ago

    It happened again

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  22. Screenshot 2017 11 13 at 7.44.29 pm
    MR. STAPLES  over 4 years ago

    what the… did big nate end? where is 1-25-18 strip?also first rerun…

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  23. Hev1
    hev1  over 4 years ago

    Just because there’s people with worse pictures than Nate doesn’t mean that his picture is good.

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  24. Large 55d3ae49 dae8 421d 95b5 dac791dbfd17
    CrossDoggo™ ✔️  over 2 years ago

    Cheaters sister?

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