Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for May 29, 2021

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    AhsokaLives14  almost 3 years ago

    Hey guys, hows it going? Remember me? I left the comment section last September. What have i missed?

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  2. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  almost 3 years ago

    About time we see Jenny

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  3. Mario and luigi
    supanovis (sonicwhite)  almost 3 years ago

    That fly is immortal, I don’t care what anyone says.

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  4. Foxtrot quincy
    Quincy :)  almost 3 years ago

    Heck! For once I agree with Mrs.Godfrey! BRING ON SUMMER!

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  5. F144c4ca 948f 46bf b2ba 608b5f1a1c02
    ♞нυитєявσу_z♘  almost 3 years ago

    No! She survived!

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  6. 73c633dd e2f6 4606 93f4 313b9dcd77e2
    That_Dű̧͔͔͉̗̞̹de4 ツ  almost 3 years ago

    Fly! Fly! Fly! Do any one of you guys watch Dhar Mann on YT? I love him. Also, can the mods please stop deleting totally fine and appropriate comments?

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  7. Screenshot 2021 04 14 11.32.52 am
    HawkSoldier(Real)  almost 3 years ago


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  8. Big nateh
    Spring Fever Nate (Comic Reviewer)   almost 3 years ago



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  9. Missing large
    retrocool  almost 3 years ago

    so the fly’s buzzin’ over the classroom drenched in Godfrey’s spit.

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  10. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  almost 3 years ago

    I remember once I had a fly on the back of my hand and I bought the back of the hand quickly to my mouth as I sucked air in. I meant it as a joke, but unfortunately I was successful at catching the fly. It was quickly expelled LOL ……my friends certainly got a laugh.

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  11. Index
    Dragon4459   almost 3 years ago

    POLL: Would you rather be Teddy or Francis? I would be Francis!

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  12. Nicefacing pp
    NiceFacing  almost 3 years ago

    What do you mean? Summer just started for me two days ago

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  13. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  almost 3 years ago

    Should have known that Mrs Godfrey wouldn’t swallow.

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  14. R6dance2
    Anibal  almost 3 years ago

    it’s already the summer for me- ok i’ll stop

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  15. 0754b50f5d234611ebcdccfc210895f7eca0166c991b1e137fac206f76d60b38 3
    Sokka the Great  almost 3 years ago

    FLY! FLY! FLY!!!!

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  16. Sadgrunt
    MCgrunt (the dancing one)  almost 3 years ago

    put that roblox “yum yum yum yum” audio over godfrey choking on the fly

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  17. 20231014 093035
    ND Cool Z  almost 3 years ago

    There’s a tough bug that can help a colony of ants fight a gang of grasshoppers..

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  18. 58cot8
    Kitkat Kitty ✔️  almost 3 years ago

    Don’t worry Mrs. Godfrey just wait 23 more days.٩(•͈ ꇴ •͈)و ̑̑❀

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  19. Printscreen 2
    me_the_polish_gull  almost 3 years ago

    Hey everyone! Poor Mrs.Godfrey, she wants vacation as much, as we do. Oh, and BTW, it’s possible, that on Thursday and Friday I won’t publish my story. My grandfolks are coming next week and it’s gonna be fun. Anyway, have a good day!

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  20. Dr cesspool
    byamrcn  almost 3 years ago

    This was a really funny week, these last couple of days I’ve laughed out loud. Well done Mr. Peirce.

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  21. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    That’s really an amazing fly!

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  22. Photo
    MattaisJones  almost 3 years ago

    hahaha Ms. G ready for summer guess what i am on summer break

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  23. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  almost 3 years ago

    So now Ms. Godfrey’s entire class wants her to lose to an insect… it would be interesting if Principal Nicholas walked in on this.

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  24. 76d61a1e 24f8 4715 9907 6808c455736a
    neatslob Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    She should have swallowed a spider.

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  25. Photo
    rey mondia  almost 3 years ago

    She has grown wings.

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  26. Aoh14ghmirgbyl66h9zatutvyegex4fxsuaqq3 1qpnjyw=s96 c
    jojoizcool  almost 3 years ago

    I am Proto, your security is my Motto

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    To protect your data better

    With me there no viruses

    Could enter your computer

    Malware, Spyware, Trojan

    All gone forever

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  27. 16288002436837146820806222929386
    SpongeBob (Founder of The Spongebob Club)  almost 3 years ago

    For me, it is summer vacation.

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  28. Screenshot 2021 04 22 3.42.45 pm
    Alfyn Greengrass  almost 3 years ago

    The class is right. The fly is a hero.

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  29. 39e67913 68c4 4375 97da 7067feacf72d
    ComicFan4Life  almost 3 years ago


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  30. F144c4ca 948f 46bf b2ba 608b5f1a1c02
    ♞нυитєявσу_z♘  almost 3 years ago

    Heart it if you like it! wow how original that was


    Nate is at the homeless shelter with Marty and Ellen. Marty is still crying about their house with Ellen comforting him, and Nate is afraid and cautious. He thinks that the house collapsed in an attempt to kill Nate, because he recently cheated death. A volunteer comes up to the family with soup and a big, warm blanket.

    Volunteer: Would you like any food or warmth?

    Marty: Yes, please.

    Marty sobs. The volunteer lays the blanket on him and Ellen, giving them soup. Nate doesn’t want any of those. He escaped death, and that’s what matters to him. Death is probably out there, stalking Nate.

    Nate: No- no thanks. I don’t need anything, but thanks anyway.

    The volunteer leaves. It was at that time Teddy and Francis stopped by to visit Nate at the shelter.

    Teddy: Hey Nate! We, um… heard what happened.

    Francis: Yeah, sorry about your house.

    Nate: It’s okay. Did you buy me anything?

    While they are talking, a crate with firecrackers drops out of a helicopter and lands on a telephone pole above them. The firecrackers explode, causing the telephone pole to fall down. It’s about to hit Nate!

    Teddy: NATE! LOOK OUT!

    Nate: GAH!

    Nate barely dodges the telephone pole, avoiding being electrocuted and killed. However, the volunteer who offered Nate soup and warmth gets hit by it. She gets electrocuted. The entire place screams.



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  31. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    ….catch and release….my, how humanitarian……….

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  32. Download
    Penguin da Coffee Lover  almost 3 years ago

    This is one of my favorite arcs. No. My favorite.

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  33. Iconanimestatic
    karmakat01  almost 3 years ago

    you got this done by yourself, Missy.

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  34. 290px wow signal
    ImDaRealAni  almost 3 years ago

    What a legend !

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  35. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   almost 3 years ago

    Who isn’t Mrs Godfrey, who isn’t, everybody is ready for summer it’s the end of May

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  36. 20210502 073755
    Theoldbringbackkelly  almost 3 years ago

    Has anybody else watched the finals of season 7 hermitcraft, see you in season 8

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  37. Obi killed anaiken
    Obi Wan Kenobi  almost 3 years ago

    What are you doing this weekend? Im going to the beach.

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  38. Download
    The One follower   almost 3 years ago

    I’m ready for June, too. Anyone else on the final?

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  39. Screen shot 2021 10 09 at 7.12.47 am
    dinocorn   almost 3 years ago


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  40. B1c635db 892a 48c0 851a 4135f338f7ea
    yoshadoo (I do stuff you don't care about)  almost 3 years ago

    At least she didn’t eat the fly, or is that a bad thing?

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  41. 2020 06 25 invisible 14678512
    A random Pearls Before Swine & Big Nate commenter  almost 3 years ago

    Aren’t we all?

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  42. 8
    The new piper the dog  almost 3 years ago


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  43. Img 1157
    brick10  almost 3 years ago

    “Why, oh why, did she spit out the fly? Perhaps it’ll die..” (SING along folks).

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  44. Aoh14ggzbvhkponuerhud8lcneyntsu3kz4az6i6get5
    JulianJet  almost 3 years ago

    Is Nate on the side with the fly now?

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  45. Aoh14ghhk0sbys xb2ix0j3w4gtezletbdm2u6swz4fo=s96 c
    SamuelZhao  almost 3 years ago

    It is no longer the fly. It’s Mrs. Godfrey’s fly (A Frankenstein reference for you)

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  46. gif maker  2
    BiggerNate91  almost 3 years ago

    Just as the fly planned. It knew this was going to happen.

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  47. Screen shot 2021 05 13 at 2.08.50 pm
  48. Missing large
    raybarb44  almost 3 years ago

    The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to our Brave Comrade in Arms for his Gallantry and Bravery, above and beyond the call of duty, in his combat with The Enemy. Hear, Hear…..

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  49. Screenshot  27
    Big Plate  almost 3 years ago

    Don’t know if anyone commented this but Big Nate’s Sandwiches got banned O_o

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  50. Ce8810d1 6b1d 49b9 9bd8 de63ae483b1a
    Can-dog  almost 3 years ago

    Fly, fly

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  51. Pat
    sans0  almost 3 years ago


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  52. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  almost 3 years ago

    Everyone still in school will agree. When’s summer?

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  53. Mycharlotte
    Bruh Momentum  almost 3 years ago

    What has this ark been what is my life what is existence why am i reading this what have my eyes just witnessed what is why and why and what.

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  54. Ac5b7719 e0f9 4067 a5fd 93af9fc6c8c6
    Schneiderpox  almost 3 years ago

    Wow, that poor fly

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  55. Large p
    Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)  almost 3 years ago

    The fly has got to be come the hokage…

    Am I right?

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  56. Kent
    The Comment Section Journalist  almost 3 years ago

    First Jenny appearance in a long time.

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  57. Large teddybignate
    phantom_online  almost 3 years ago


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  58. Large p
    Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)  almost 3 years ago

    What if there will be a plot twist… Like Nate gets everything he wants… Like to date Jenny, have a cool dad, and be rich. ( Another plot twist alert) IT WAS ALL A DREAM

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  59. E32a4b79 fee5 44ae 955e 4208e63727ac
    CoolBoi68  almost 3 years ago

    I noticed a lot of people getting banned recently but it’s not on the wiki yet.

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  60. E32a4b79 fee5 44ae 955e 4208e63727ac
    CoolBoi68  almost 3 years ago

    I hope the fly wins!

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  61. Large pier2 mb 2014
    tinstar  almost 3 years ago

    Guess what… you aren’t important.

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  62. Download
    MASTERMAN   almost 3 years ago

    no one on ms.godfrey side lol

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  63. Boxing robot
    Killer Poonda  almost 3 years ago

    There should be a rule to stop spamming that you can only comment 25 times on a comcic.

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  64. E32a4b79 fee5 44ae 955e 4208e63727ac
    CoolBoi68  almost 3 years ago

    Poll: Is debs the speedrun record holder for getting banned?

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  65. Trollface non free
    Trollface   almost 3 years ago

    Suprising, no spaming that much only 206 comments… great!

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  66. Trollface non free
    Trollface   almost 3 years ago

    wait was anime jenny banned? her comments were deleted

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  67. Aoh14ggny7zmbimxucxr9 hisnsvk6zy5zm3kmtogxa4ia=s96 c
    XXD PAPI  almost 3 years ago


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  68. Aatxajyxnb7oudwxjidfrzagua afnuv0cdciwcklesk=s96 c
    Porky The Pig  almost 3 years ago

    Whahhat’s Upp follk-ks

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  69. Avatarpic l  1
    mfrasca  almost 3 years ago

    Nipple, nipple, tweak tweak—fly, fly, flyyyy!

    - Crow T. Robot
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  70. 15987433
    Eagles fan (A.S.A)  almost 3 years ago

    Poll: Favorite football player?

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  71. C5b18a50 abdf 452c b9c8 16e71c7550d5
    ;) (no more greenhairedkid) (bghk)  almost 3 years ago

    I’m back lol

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  72. C5b18a50 abdf 452c b9c8 16e71c7550d5
    ;) (no more greenhairedkid) (bghk)  almost 3 years ago

    Can anyone see this?

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  73. Aoh14ghlfysd1ivd sp8ilgr4wv0lgyphh7gnjfih17iag=s96 c
    Igotskillz  almost 3 years ago

    Big Nate and the vortex PART ONE Nate and his friends are walking to school when they notice a fire. Nate: WAIT THATS CHADS HOUSE OH NO! Chad:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Francis: IM CALLING THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Teddy: wait guys there’s a strange purple circle… Nate: Wha. Francis: ITS A VORTEX DO NOT GO IN IT. Chads house is now no more chad starts sobbing and crying when his grandma comes out with great news. Chads grandma: We are moving to the city called chandler vile and don’t worry it’s in the state only 4 miles away for school and your friends. Chad: ok I get it. Nate starts thinking about what caused the vortex he starts thinking about when he defeated alien Nicholas then he understands how it happened Nate:Guys it’s a vortex to a moon…. PART TWO TOMMOROW

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  74. Missing large
    Aboutdawerld (other acc got banned for no reason)  almost 3 years ago

    Hey. This is aboutdawerld. For real. For some reason, my old account got banned for no reason. I might not comment anymore. I just want my account back.

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  75. 9ef0c590 fc9c 42d5 bb82 83f5509a76ee
    P-oh-Tate-oh  almost 3 years ago

    The fly must be tramatized

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  76. Photo
    wolfboy oz boy  almost 3 years ago

    ok that fly is storng even after ms.godfrey spits it out because she eats garlic

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  77. Photo
    wolfboy oz boy  almost 3 years ago

    nate always says that

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  78. E32a4b79 fee5 44ae 955e 4208e63727ac
    CoolBoi68  almost 3 years ago

    The annoying 9 year old bob ross got banned also toasted too probably for supporting bonky who keeps abusing the system to make alts

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  79. F4732f7f f6d5 44f0 b4b3 db8b76b22343
    Hugger kim  almost 3 years ago

    The fly is like the students she spits them out but they are still alive

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  80. Img 0490
    Magl  almost 3 years ago

    Yes she is

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  81. Missing large
    kdewclark  almost 3 years ago

    What a tough bug.

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  82. 4a0q1t6y7wj11
    Aero 64  almost 3 years ago


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  83. Photo
    MatthewMukkala  almost 3 years ago

    You did this to yourself Mrs. Godfrey.

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  84. Anime girl pretty portrait black and pink hair pink lips purple eyes sitting against the night sky
    Alia Noora  over 2 years ago

    Nate’s totally over his Jenny-crush.

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  85. Screenshot 2021 10 06 8.22.46 am
    therealblazewolf (RATS UNITED tm)   over 2 years ago

    MLG FLY!!!!!

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  86. Images  7
    Piranha Plant (Formerly Fox and Falco)  about 2 years ago

    FLY! FLY! FLY!

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  87. Missing large
    220001492  about 2 years ago

    how did that happen?

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