Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for April 04, 2022

  1. Big nateh
    Spring Fever Nate (Not a comic reviewer)  6 months ago

    Wait, I never heard their baseball team was called the Little Lulus.

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  2. Missing large
    305buckets  6 months ago

    Oh goody. Now Nate’s team will be named something even more embarrassing than last year’s name.

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  3. Big nateh
    Spring Fever Nate (Comic Reviewer)   6 months ago

    New sponsor time. When was the last time they changed sponsors?

    I hope nate gets a cool team name this time, instead of “chez linda” or the “cream puffs”


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  4. Superthom
    Smiling Thomas  6 months ago

    YES!!!! I PREDICTED THIS!!! LETS GO IM A PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Aacea41c 9c1a 47e9 9857 d044c8fd6632
    Meme Dee Dee (king of the comic reviewers)  6 months ago

    I know it’s a rerun, but I’m not complaining. This is a good arc!

    6.73/10 This was a pretty good arc, and the joke is funny.

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  6. Screenshot 20220413 111556 snapchat
    some random dude  6 months ago

    yet another baseball name arci hope there are good jokes like this one tho


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  7. Download
    The_Cracker  6 months ago

    According to the novels, Chad’s hamster’s name is Flora. I’m not a reviewer but today’s comic gets a 5/10 for inconsistency.

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  8. Lane
    minecraftfan01  6 months ago

    Ugh why can’t they like actually get a cool name this time and it somehow backfires?

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  9. Large nenene
    Monster Martin (King Comic Reviewer)  6 months ago

    Hope this baseball arc atleast has funny jokes and is to some point original.

    6/10 , cant say if this arc will be good or not.

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  10. Large ninja decidueye
    Andecidreweye (The O.W.L.)  6 months ago

    Another baseball Arc! Let’s see what name they get this time…

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  11. 827b3c3c edce 4f49 a625 0a0098a02361
    Mrmoose  6 months ago

    Nancy is a good name …. heh heh

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  12. 1bfc7c06 22fc 4eb3 ad49 4fb7d5bd9b7a
    Gamer Jr Readz  6 months ago

    I bet the name is still gonna be wimpy or girly.

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  13. Missing large
    wilhemenacooker  6 months ago

    The Poncies

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  14. C7f55de0 7d52 4c7e be9c c531ce4c3147
    3ND3RB0Z0  6 months ago

    This seems like a semi promising start to a new arc so

    7/10 I kinda missed it when they did baseballs arcs

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  15. Image
    Croco Larry NEO (The King Of The Pollers)  6 months ago

    Oh, finally a new baseball arc.

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  16. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  6 months ago

    Still, I wonder what will their baseball team be named

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  17. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 6 months ago

    …oh Chad, Chad, CHAAAAAAD!…..just WHERE have you been?………..

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  18. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  6 months ago

    They should call themselves the “Garfields”.

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  19. Missing large
    Will_Scarlet  6 months ago

    That joke comes dangerously close to homophobia.

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  20. Printscreen 2
    me_the_polish_gull  6 months ago

    I wonder what embarassing name are they gonna get…

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  21. Screenshot 2022 04 13 8.42.33 am
    Comic fan for life!  6 months ago

    Maybe they’ll get supported from Nate’s dad band.

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  22. Channels4 profile  1
    BionicLMAO i have free account   6 months ago

    is this a rerun? it seems like it

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  23. Large screenshot 2022 03 24 11.25.51
    Free Ukraine   6 months ago

    his team’s name will be even worse.

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  24. Screenshot 20220805 090256 chrome
    Wise-Cracking Amelia  6 months ago

    How ‘bout Sherman the gerbil has like a business he owns, then he hires them?

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  25. Superthom
    Smiling Thomas  6 months ago

    The Big Nates!

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  26. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  6 months ago

    Come on, Mr. Peirce, can Nate’s team have a decent name for once?

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  27. Grumpy cat
    EMGULS79  6 months ago

    I hear Chico’s Bail Bonds is looking for a new team to sponsor….

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  28. 2 removebg preview
    DO_WHAT_DA_DOG_SEZ (NOT THE REAL ONE)  6 months ago

    Yea Nancy is a comic. BTW, Chad is my favourite character in Big Nate.

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  29. 2 removebg preview
    DO_WHAT_DA_DOG_SEZ (NOT THE REAL ONE)  6 months ago

    this looks like a rerun

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  30. Download
    An innocent observer  6 months ago

    Have you watched the Big Nate Show? I haven’t watched it yet, but from the clips I’ve watched, it looks horrible.

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  31. Screenshot 2022 01 25 10.35.05 am
    Principal Nichols (Formerly Mr Galvin)  6 months ago

    maybe one of these days we will get a decent arc. PLEZZZ

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  32. 92ee7db74d8c31e984dca97e888fea68
    Cartoon   6 months ago

    ok this arc looks pretty good so far


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  33. Meow
    wiseassassin  6 months ago

    Rate me based off my favorite comics, Big Nate, Baby Blues, Foxtrot, and every now and again adam@home

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  34. 15bp5a
    GloriousComradeOfCommunism  6 months ago

    Try to be positive, your name will CERTAINLY rock (not)

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  35. Images  7
    Piranha Plant (Formerly Fox and Falco)  6 months ago

    I wonder who’ll sponsor their team now. Hopefully they have a good name this time.

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  36. Shadowrayla
    Moonshadow Elves  6 months ago

    Something will go wrong.

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  37. Dolphin
    Totally Not a Killer Dolphin  6 months ago

    I thought Flora was the name of Chad’s hamster. ;)

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  38. Buzzlightyear
  39. 99675f4a 3f45 4190 a670 d921a94e748c
    wallywestern  6 months ago

    Chad makes everything so much funnier! Gotta love him!

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  40. 1b075742 fdcf 4a94 b344 42d6d0d9530d
    themostbasedbatman(TrailingAce)  6 months ago

    The featured comment has 14 replies. That’s just sad.

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  41. Win 20220217 19 10 25 pro
    ThebestbigNatefan(GC's best comic reviewer)  6 months ago

    Lets go! The team is changing their names. I’ve always dreamed of being a big nate fan when one of these arcs happened. I wonder what embarrasing name they’ll have now?

    10/10 loved this one

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  42. Bignate 2013 12 22 at 6 09 38 pm
    Nate Wright!  6 months ago

    Excited to see what they do get named.

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  43. 1606483533527799
    Sonic the Hedgehog  6 months ago

    To those who think “FOX” News is over, think again. We’re going to get things situated and start up again next week. See y’all then, readers!

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  44. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member 6 months ago

    I doubt the team would want to be called the “Nancy Boys” IYKWIMAITYD.

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  45. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   6 months ago


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  46. Tribute to youtube animators
    ajydc123  6 months ago

    the hamster has a NAME?!?!

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  47. F75fb052 6806 4dc7 8877 b329fd0586fc
    LHGG SigmaKiller  6 months ago


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  48. 5d242060 7a0f 4255 b3ec 020dd97f1d4d
    Gamer Kiwi ||  6 months ago


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  49. 5d242060 7a0f 4255 b3ec 020dd97f1d4d
    Gamer Kiwi ||  6 months ago

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  50. 5d242060 7a0f 4255 b3ec 020dd97f1d4d
    Gamer Kiwi ||  6 months ago


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  51. 5d242060 7a0f 4255 b3ec 020dd97f1d4d
    Gamer Kiwi ||  6 months ago

    ….. ???

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  52. 5d242060 7a0f 4255 b3ec 020dd97f1d4d
    Gamer Kiwi ||  6 months ago


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  53. Screenshot 2019 11 22 at 5.37.00 pm
    RLinGoComics (no spamming/cussing) #SaveUkraine  6 months ago

    Time to do RL’s Cuss Counter (or The Cuss Counter) for today! (late :-P) I basically count the number of swears, and include that number in this feature. You know the rest. See my previous Cuss Counter comments (on the March 22nd, 23rd, 25th, April 2nd, and 3rd strips) for more info. Don’t expect me to make any Cuss Counter comments on the weekdays for now, since I can’t seem to do it apparently. So this should be updated on weekends, once (or twice, if I can do it) daily. Let’s get to it!

    As of April 8th, 2022, there are 3 cusses on this comment section. Not bad! :-) But it may be because I came in late…

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