Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for April 18, 2022

  1. Missing large
    305buckets  7 months ago

    Oh goody. As if Coach John being the detention monitor wasn’t already painful enough.

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  2. Big nateh
    Spring Fever Nate (Comic Reviewer)   7 months ago

    This is bound to be interesting. Nate actually has a punishment other than sitting there doing nothing? Amazing.


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  3. Ned dickens
    Ned Dickens  7 months ago

    If we include Big Nate in the Zone, this is the second time one of Nate’s detentions was cancelled, though this time there won’t be any band practice for a special assembly.

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  4. Tiny
    Muntherdoesstuff  7 months ago

    a fate worse than death

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  5. Photo
    Calvin_Wright  7 months ago

    Nothing to do with the comic, but I recently started reading peanuts, from the very beginning and realized just how simple everything seemed back then and a part of me actually wanted to go back to that time period, anyone else with the same thought?

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  6. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  7 months ago

    To finish Nate’s sentence… “All I did was call you ‘a gas-bloated hack with the charisma of a moist nasal swab’. But I did apologize, and sincerely at that.” (See strip of 4/10/22.)

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  7. Aacea41c 9c1a 47e9 9857 d044c8fd6632
    Meme Dee Dee (king of the comic reviewers)  7 months ago

    That smug face that Principal Nichols did makes me want to torture him to death in the most painful way possible. Not sure if I’m allowed to say that.

    4.16/10 This arc could be interesting at first, but become boring later, or it’ll just be boring. I’m curious to know what will happen.

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  8. Missing large
    baldone66  7 months ago

    Impact… The act of slamming real hard into a brick wall… Which would probably be about as much fun as cafeteria duty with Coach John…

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  9. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 7 months ago


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  10. Unnamed
    -=sticfigure=-  7 months ago

    OH… Now Your Talking! finnaly something funny!

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  11. Missing large
    bignatefantic2.0  7 months ago

    I knew this day would come eventually. Getting detention doesn’t seem to teach Nate a lesson, so having a different punishment would set him straight

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  12. Missing large
    wilhemenacooker  7 months ago

    not sure that can be done in real life – at least nowadays

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  13. Hqdefault
    Pacmatt64  7 months ago

    Behold. Detention 2: The Sequel.

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  14. Large 200
    NOT a cat vibing to music  7 months ago

    This will probably be pretty interesting10/10

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  15. Boyfriendshort
    jcsuperstud  7 months ago

    That’s a bruh moment.

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  16. E392b8367dee17f84dde021529a3cb8e
    Yoriichi  7 months ago

    Holy moly, I never seen this coming. Coach John is going to catch an eye on Nate.

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  17. 1bfc7c06 22fc 4eb3 ad49 4fb7d5bd9b7a
    Gamer Jr Readz  7 months ago

    What did he do?

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  18. A7a44a2d 9f3f 427a a614 10d8823e8be0
    Iron Spidey 824   7 months ago

    Never seen this before, this might have potential. I’m surprised it didn’t end with nichols saying nothing, than in tomorrow’s strip’s fourth panel, we find out what the punishment is, and already wasted two days of the arc, because that has happened, but since it didn’t, extra point because it’s a new joke, and he’s made a good move with the arc, so i give it an 8.5/10

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  19. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  7 months ago

    At least Nate’s not doing cafeteria duty with Mrs. Godfrey

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  20. 0ec4b4f6 bb82 4227 97a7 11123875d1b0
    THE KITTEN (co boss of FOX news)  7 months ago

    Like my new profile pic

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  21. Images  7
    Piranha Plant (Formerly Fox and Falco)  7 months ago

    There’s only one part we don’t know about. What got Nate the detention slip?

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  22. 1606483533527799
    Sonic the Hedgehog  7 months ago

    Ok, good set up, crossing my fingers hoping Pierce doesn’t screw up! 5/5.

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  23. 0ec4b4f6 bb82 4227 97a7 11123875d1b0
    THE KITTEN (co boss of FOX news)  7 months ago

    me walks up to nate aaaaah a cat

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  24. Ninja decidueye
    Andecidreweye (The O.W.L.)  7 months ago

    Well, this is different. Maybe an actually good original arc?

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  25. 135e09b3 d173 4b48 8289 ec9ebfeaab46
    Darcy wu  7 months ago

    Impact being the key wordAlso what would you do if you were a mod?

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  26. Shadowrayla
    Moonshadow Elves  7 months ago

    Depending on what Peirce does next, this could be a good arc.

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  27. 5b992435 f724 4183 b414 9cac35e8dffb
    Just a charmeleon  7 months ago

    Wait where did Marty says go I just saw a comment by a account that might be him saying he’s back but now it’s gone

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  28. Missing large
    Will_Scarlet  7 months ago

    Dun dun DUNNNN

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  29. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  7 months ago

    A FATE WORSE THAN DETENTION! I’m looking forward to it.

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  30. Made20bacon
    baconeatsbacon  7 months ago

    This arc looks promising

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  31. Screenshot 2022 11 09 11.53.47
    Olivia Swan  7 months ago

    Uh WHAT? oh fudge I wanna know what happens now!

    Cualquier cosa con Entrenador John es un infierno XD

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  32. 135e09b3 d173 4b48 8289 ec9ebfeaab46
    Darcy wu  7 months ago

    I have four alts…

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  33. Missing large
    t.kim21  7 months ago

    Hey at least he got stuck with coach John and not with Ms. Godfrey…

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  34. Image
  35. Large download  4
    Legend‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‎of the Night  7 months ago

    The principal looks so smug

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  36. 92ee7db74d8c31e984dca97e888fea68
    Cartoon   7 months ago

    This sounds fun


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  37. Grumpy cat
    EMGULS79  7 months ago

    Since “impactful” discipline apparently can no longer involve the board of education getting to the bottom of the matter, this will be the next best thing.

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  38. Doge with a nose
    Vincent Van Diesel  7 months ago

    that felt rushed

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  39. Download
    The Pets of the comics {issue #2}  7 months ago

    (Just dump it all on, will you. This would require 2-3 strips minimum. 8/10) What if Big Nate was a Teenager {part 7} RE-POST: Once the bell rang, it was time for some History. Oh, Joy. Nate was not excited. The younger Nate noticed, and said “how bad could it be?”. Mrs. Godfrey was promoted the year before to 10th grade history, just so you know. “remember” the older Nate said “stay in the locker, I’ll get you out next period”. He was off. “alright” Mrs. Godfrey said “Let’s review for a big project due next week”. Everyone groaned. Nate was just waiting for it to be done. 2:00 hit, bell rang, time to get stuff. “Okay, me” the older Nate said “Let’s go”. [time passes]. “Okay, I’m glad we all went to the same school” The young Nate said. “I know” The older Nate replied. Suddenly, a portal appeared out of nowhere. “Guys” the Watcher shouted “You need to come!”. They both nodded and went with him. “What’s happening!?” the older Nate said. “It’s happening” The Watcher said “A multiverse war with all your universe’s”. “Like what?” The two Nate’s said, in unison. “No time” the watcher said “Let’s hurry”. end of part 7

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  40. 15bp5a
    GloriousComradeOfCommunism  7 months ago

    Coach John be like: “CLEAN THE DISHES FASTER YOU SCRUB!!!”

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  41. Large 200
    NOT a cat vibing to music  7 months ago

    I am going to give you all a scavenger hunt tomorrow

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  42. Missing large
    schaefer jim  7 months ago

    Oh god not that

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  43. Large 200
    NOT a cat vibing to music  7 months ago

    me and tom holland have the same birthday

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  44. Oip  2
    Blue Lobster (Jumpscare Mode)  7 months ago

    NEW MATERIAL, i take back all my comments about him not having any.

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  45. Sad bop
    spunch bop (Gabuboi)  7 months ago

    Useless fun fact of the day: Cheez Doodles actually exist, they’re made by a company called Wise Foods (even though they aren’t based off Big Nate)

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  46. Missing large
    tyshawnstevenson750  7 months ago

    Where’s Jenny?

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  47. 3c666540 fb4c 47f6 ae25 378483ba7144
    Lippy (member of the CRC)  7 months ago

    That punishment sounds AWFUL

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  48. Screen shot 2022 03 19 at 7.09.09 pm
    Snoz Snoz Snoz  7 months ago

    that’s a heck of a way to start the week lol

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  49. 4d
    maybe a human  7 months ago

    oh no

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  50. K6qw3wlov4t91
    The True Ninji  7 months ago

    That’s better. 8/10

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  51. K6qw3wlov4t91
    The True Ninji  7 months ago

    We should get Nate another gf. It’s been 6 or 5 years

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  52. 30142b9a 852b 4915 8c13 184b6e490a00
    Suprised Marty (IOU & FOX Reporter)  7 months ago

    Oh no. Nate helping coach john? He’s probably gonna make him do wind sprints or sit-ups. 10/10, this arc is probably going to be interesting

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  53. 30142b9a 852b 4915 8c13 184b6e490a00
    Suprised Marty (IOU & FOX Reporter)  7 months ago

    Nice move Wesley.

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  54. Large hellopeeoples
    kool  7 months ago

    principal nicholas NEVER smirks like that

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  55. Unnamed
    -=sticfigure=-  7 months ago

    this is like the funniest big nate image ever.

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  56. 1bce58935c8be2cb28bc9abe9d0be52b0c33e75c hq
    fan Of All Comics EXEPT FOR DUM ONES   7 months ago

    this ’bouta get interesting real soon

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  57. A7a44a2d 9f3f 427a a614 10d8823e8be0
    Iron Spidey 824   7 months ago

    Prediction: I think Nate will start a food fight

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  58. 3fb27db7 97b3 4a27 8c15 3d35e7a3d896
  59. Photo
    AustinKniga-Bartlett  7 months ago

    Even with all those detentions, he just never learns.

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  60. My profile picture rar
    Sunnnyyy  7 months ago

    Nate: (Sarcastically) Oh yayyyy!!!

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  61. Unnamed
    HK-47   7 months ago

    Observation: Something new may result in new stupidity.

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  62. Bronco
    broncoboy450   7 months ago

    ok bro that is just MEAN

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  63. Win 20220217 19 10 25 pro
    ThebestbigNatefan(GC's best comic reviewer)  7 months ago

    It took long enough fpr the teachers to to realize that detention has no impact on Nate. Cafeteria duty, thats more like it. This arc seems pretty interesting. Can’t complain.


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  64. Screenshot 2022 11 09 11.53.47
    Olivia Swan  7 months ago

    FOX News:

    Alright y’all! Sorry for the delay, but we just got up wifi set up here in Palmyra, so here we go!

    So far, general reviews are very positive ‘bout the strip. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    It has been clear that a glitch, or maybe an update has been going on in GoComics where if you click on a notification reply, it won’t send you to it, unless it’s featured. Way to make being featured more wanted…

    Also, MartySays is back! I honestly do not know much, so any info is welcome in the comments!

    anything else I missed? feel free to reply below!

    I apologize sincerely for both typing this late (5 PST for me) & not covering enough info. I tried with what I could.

    This is Fox News. See ya Wed!

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  65. Large bristol gazebob
    tinstar  7 months ago

    With very few exceptions, the immaturity level in here is high enough to fill the Grand Canyon… egos abound, and almost nobody has figured out, or cares, what the rules are to the comment policy. The rare times the comments actually pertain to the comic, itself, they quickly segue into the usual inane drivel. I think it’s time for me to look into becoming a moderator.

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  66. Download  2
    Heisei Godzilla eating noodles   7 months ago

    wow finally something new 0-0 10/10

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  67. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   7 months ago

    Oh no! I’d rather be in detention

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  68. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 7 months ago

    …..could be worse……..Coach John COULD be in charge of cleaning all the restrooms this week…….

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  69. Missing large
    Black76Manta  7 months ago

    That’s like exchanging a 10-year sentence for a death sentence, good move director!

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  70. C7f55de0 7d52 4c7e be9c c531ce4c3147
    3ND3RB0Z0  7 months ago

    I’m just gonna say right of the bat 8/10 been a while since we have seen coach john

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  71. Nate 6
    King Nate The Great  7 months ago

    That Man is a Monster

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