Get ready to hit the open road. And the local roadside diner. And maybe a litter box?

Rip Haywire creator Dan Thompson is expanding his cartooning efforts with Harley, an all-new regularly-updated strip following the exploits of a good-natured biker and his sarcastic alley cat (named Cat) as they live the dream.

And what a dream! You see, titular star Harley is living to jump Pointy-Rock Canyon in the name of becoming a folk hero. He'll need some luck, though, as avoiding the local sheriff, chugging coffee at his forgetful mother's eatery, trying to match wits with his stuck-up rival, and confiding in his cat will take up most of his day. Even a biker has to exercise quality time-management skills to get ahead in today's world.


You can motor over to Harley today to get started calibrating your chuckling to the volume of a roaring engine.