I'm deliriously excited to announce that Breaking Cat News has launched into print syndication. Georgia Dunn's gentle, wonderful and hysterical comic warmed my dark and shriveled heart instantly. We're lucky enough to count more than 100 clients (print and digital) at launch -- which is a testament to our great sales team, but mostly to Georgia's terrific sense of humor and characters.

And while it may be new to newspapers, GoComics readers are no strangers to Georgia's world. Breaking Cat News debuted on GoComics in October of 2014 and the praise came quickly and loudly. 

Here's a small sample of reader reaction: 


"I've fallen in love with BCN." 

"I love this strip almost as much as I love my own cats." 

"I save this to end my day on a happy note. Love it." 

"I look forward to reading BCN because there us not enough kindness in life." 

"It's the daily switch-off to remember the good stuff in humanity." 

"smart, funny and thoroughly charming" 

"a must-read"

"I'm hooked" 



"classic strip in the making" 

"Some people shouldn't wear corduroys that tight, Mr. Glynn." 


 So, three cheers for Georgia! And three cheers for all us lovers of humanity and laughter for everyone!