Jane Zei's The Pigeon Gazette sounds like it could be a newspaper about pigeons or maybe one read by pigeons, but it's something much better. Don't get us wrong, pigeons are an important invasive species, but Zei's semiautobiographical comics sport the kind of unflappable 'tude that wins out over street pretzel-devouring clean window-ruiners every time.




Originally launched at the tail(feather) end of 2014, TPG comes to GoComics with plumage aplenty. If you've ever been stressed out by school, work, relationships, food, mortality-as-a-concept, or any combination of the former, this is one gazette that'll give you wings. Of... like, catharsis. Catharsis wings.

Zei's secret? Art that's energizing to look at paired with the kind of comedic timing that builds a nest on your windowsill, lays eggs, hatches those eggs, feeds its young, flies away one day to get more worms, is devoured by a cat, maybe the window washer accidentally knocks the nest off before the whole scene becomes too harrowing... You'll love it.

We won't bury the lede -- you can check out The Pigeon Gazette starting today!