Every day here at GoComics, our intrepid editors endeavor to deliver the finest comic strips and cartoons from the most talented and hardworking creators in the multiverse. Meanwhile, I think of blog post ideas that I know will enrich your otherwise bleak and painful workday.

Inspired by GC creators like Ruben BollingPaul Gilligan, and Doug Savage, plus wider sequential art sorcerers like Ben Edlund, I've created a new GoComics drawing tutorial series. I begin today, by teaching you how to draw our very own, Gary: The GoComics Guy! This dubious non-mascot, which was completely fabricated to help me cheat my way through this fake tutorial, doesn't have a long and storied history here at GC. Not created by Gareth "Go" Comicston in 1928 in a mouse-infested shack on the east side of Kansas City, Missouri, Gary has not been our mascot or proud corporate icon for nearly nine decades! And now you can learn how to draw your version, just like Gareth didn't!

Sharpen those pencils and get ready to unleash your inner cartoonist with our How 2 Draw! Lesson #1: Gary the GoComics Guy tutorial below: