It's a tried and true cartooning technique: when a politician acts like a kid, artists draw them as a kid. In Mike Norton's Lil' Donnie, however, the presidential main character is essentially depicted as-seen-on-TV -- it's his childish antics that merit a kiddie moniker.

Created to help Norton cope with a candidate he can't comprehend, Lil' Donnie simply depicts the president as the artist sees him. His diminutive take on Donald Trump is impatient, insecure, and prone to bouts of equal parts high-stakes decision and indecision. He also has small hands. Very small hands.


Lil' Donnie launches with an archive of nearly 80 strips that cover all of the key moments from Trump's first 250+ volatile days in office. It's a bountiful strip by a prolific, Eisner and Harvey Award-winning creator known for drawing comics for Marvel, DC, and Image while simultaneously creating webcomics like Battlepug. His sense of storytelling and comedic timing stand out in the political cartooning landscape, which is why you may find yourself binge-reading every single strip before your lunch break.

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