Ever wanted a peek inside a cartoonist's journal? Alex Hallatt's Doodle Diary is set to deliver that very thing, beginning today on GoComics.

As the title suggests, Doodle Diary gives Hallatt -- a globe-trotting working artist balancing numerous projects -- a showcase for her deep cuts. Readers will see everything from her works-in-progress to standalone drawings. Hallatt calls it her version of a comedian's open mic night and welcomes GC commenters to leave feedback as she goes.




Fans may be familiar with Hallatt's artistic range from her Arctic Circle series, her FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club graphic novels, and numerous other illustration works. Those who have read A Basque Diary: Living in Hondarribia, should have a sense of at least some of what they can expect from the always-drawing Hallatt's Doodle Diary

Get started reading Alex Hallatt's Doodle Diary today.