Every October the internet is inundated with images of masterfully-carved jack-o'-lanterns, glowing with pumpkin superiority. Stores are stocked with carving kits and the internet is flush with tutorials demonstrating how to harness the power of a subtractive sculpture medium, but it's all a bit overwhelming for the average comics fan. Don't we have enough Halloween stuff to think about? Like... whether or not we can call in sick to work the next morning after an all-night candy binge?

But don't give up! You too can carve an impressive GoComics jack-o'-lantern and be the envy of whichever unsavory neighborhood teen smashes it at 4 a.m. on November 1st! Scroll down and be inspired by our artist renditions of some do-able pumpkin carving designs that pretty much involve carving some circles and choice lines. Just pick a well-shaped squash first.




Linus is usually the first Peanuts character fans associate with Halloween, but Charlie Brown's bald dome makes for a much easier carving. Scrawl a curly line for his scant mane, two dots for eyes, and add an extra squiggle to depict a properly frazzled expression on this Chuck-o'-lantern.



Jake Likes Onions


The chronically emotionally compromised denizens of the Jake Likes Onions comics make for a suitably haunting jack-o'-lantern. Like with Charlie Brown, their elegantly simple facial features can be sliced straight from a rounder pumpkin's flesh to produce a downtrodden doorstep decoration perfect for Halloween night.



The Awkward Yeti


While The Awkward Yeti star Lars would be difficult for a beginner to render in pumpkin, you can still create a wonderful carving if you follow your... Heart. Yes, Heart makes a fine jack-o'-lantern face, particularly if you've got a taller, narrower pumpkin on your hands. Just steady your hands to match the lines of TAW creator Nick Seluk, and you've got a pumped-up Halloween decoration with artful arteries. 



Breaking Cat News


Difficult as it may seem to replicate the full warmth and charm of Breaking Cat News creator Georgia Dunn's art style on a pumpkin, you can still get a Puck-y point across with a little bit of loving effort. Cut two swoopy fur lines on the sides of your pumpkin, plus some round eye holes, and you've turned a pumpkin into a Puck-kin. Extra credit -- you can prop up the top of your pumpkin for some point-y ears.





We'd never miss an opportunity to pop Nancy's iconic visage on any organic surface. Light up your entire neighborhood with two oval eyes, a few lines for her nose, brows, and mouth, plus some hair-like hatching on the sides of your pumpkin for a jack-o'-lantern Sluggo would swoon over. Just be sure to top your pumpkin's lid with an appropriately red (or black) bow to achieve Nancy pumpkin perfection.