Today is the 30th anniversary of the first appearance of Foxtrot in newspapers. Have you ever done anything culturally signficant for 30 straight years? I'm not sure I have.

Unless, maybe you'd consider me wanting to be Mr. T's best friend since 1982 a worthwhile endeavor. You wouldn't? OK. Well, proves my point. Thirty years work is a remarkable accomplishment and anytime it happens, we should sing it from the mountaintops! Yodellalleooooooluuuuu! 

I mountain-shout today because one Mr. Bill Amend has been writing and drawing Foxtrot for 30 years as of today! WTH! That's like three decades. Think how many individual comics that is? Short answer: a lot!

And he does it at the highest of high levels. Witness this: Bill is the 2007 winner of the National Cartoonists Society's Cartoonist of the Year and a five-time Gold-Crown winner (1998, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2013) of the JG Awards for Comicellence. Bill has sold millions of Foxtrot books and remains one of the most popular features on all of GoComics. 

Let's reminisce with a look back at the very first Foxtrot:


My goodness, were we ever that young? Frankly, Bill, the balding joke was a lot funnier to me in 1988 than it is in 2018. Below is  a recent version of Roger Fox and crew.

Congrats to my pal, Bill, and thank you for 30 years of never phoning it in. You're a credit to the profession and still on top of your game 30 years later. 


Quiz Time! Can you answer these five fun questions about Bill Amend and Foxtrot? (answers will be in comments tomorrow)

1. What does the "A" stand for on Peter's hat? 

2. What was Bill's major in college? 

3. With what famous fantasy author does Bill share a birthday (day, not year LOL!)?

4. Who is Bill's favorite employee at GoComics? 

5. What reason did Bill cite for changing the comic from every day to Sundays-only in 2006?