undefinedGinger Meggs is a much-beloved comic strip in Australia and 33 other countries. In fact, it’s been running in newspapers Down Under since the early 1920s.


So, it wasn’t a stretch when a clever editor at The Advertiser in Adelaide, Australia used the strip’s title to describe the engagement of a redheaded English prince and an American actress who just happen to be getting hitched this Saturday. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?


Ginger Meggs has been a GoComics feature since 2004. Talented New Yorker Jason Chatfield is the fifth cartoonist to write and draw the strip, taking over for the late James Kemsley in 2007. Jason’s other work has appeared in the New Yorker and Mad magazine. He’s also a self-proclaimed “comedian and idiot,” starring in the coveted role of “Dandruff” in this Selsun Blue commercial