Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed for September 23, 2023

  1. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  5 months ago

    Odd, isn’t it, how the Creator of the Universe so desperately needs money. Prayers too, I suppose, but really what He needs is money.

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  2. Missing large
    angelolady Premium Member 5 months ago

    Fundamentally Oral Bill ROTFLOL!!!

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  3. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  5 months ago

    Is it just me or does it seem that all conmen have the same hair style?

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  4. Earth sea temps
    Uncle Kenny  5 months ago

    A guy in my church suffered from schizophrenia. He was watching a prominent televangelist, who said, “Praise the Lord! Someone in Utah has just been cured of schizophrenia!” So he threw his medications away. A bit later, he was standing in the middle of the street directing traffic and letting only the “good” cars pass. He was arrested and sent to jail.

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  5. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  5 months ago

    I love this story arc.

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  6. Lifi
    rossevrymn  5 months ago

    Oral Bill, now there was a fundamentalist you could trust…………………to take all of your money and spend it on himself.

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  7. 20230415 170925
    Chithing Premium Member 5 months ago

    Give until it hurts, which doesn’t take long these days.

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  8. Barney
    Kabana_Bhoy  5 months ago

    Thbbft! Dr. Gene Scott! Ack!

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  9. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  5 months ago

    And that other yuck: Bob Enyart! UGH!!

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  10. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  5 months ago

    And his associate, Tabby Faye…


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  11. Greg backlit
    mindjob  5 months ago

    Admit it. You dialed the number

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  12. Images
    Honorable Mention In The Banjo Toss Premium Member 5 months ago

    This s**t has been going on for as long as people have believed in gods.

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  13. 3c777ff2 4bb1 47cd 9770 62ea9f8bab9b
    monya_43  5 months ago

    Guess the youngsters don’t remember Oral Roberts.

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  14. Scrooge
    paul brians  5 months ago

    Reference to Oral Roberts.

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  15. Img 20220101 135114 01 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  5 months ago

    Well, that does seem to be the next step for Bill after his recent scandal.

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  16. Img 20220101 135114 01 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  5 months ago

    Oh, and Milo?

    I’d pinch you – but you’re already awake.

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  17. Thinker
    Sisyphos  5 months ago

    Bill has always been kinda an oral cat, ya know? ACK!

    Anyway, good to see him re-born….

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  18. Missing large
    ganeydn  5 months ago

    In the language from which the word comes, to shmooze is to partake in a relaxed conversation, an exchange of ideas on the basis of equality, with no ulterior motive. Thus shmoozing for dough is an oxymoron and anyone who shmoozes for dough is a moron.

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  19. Picture
    Red33410  5 months ago

    He meant, “Oh, somebody, pinch me!”

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  20. Lifi
    rossevrymn  5 months ago

    One of my professors pointed out that the only truly new Christian heresy in our times is fundamentalism, a literal interpretation of the bible.

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  21. P1030260
    einarbt  5 months ago

    Hum, must be something in the water in the US of A as no one does these TV evangelists better. I might need to contact Base Commander Jack D. Ripper about this.

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