Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed for September 25, 2023

  1. Skywise21 2
    Yngvar Følling  5 months ago

    Those American televangelists didn’t usually make much impact here in Norway (we had a few of our own), but God’s shakedown of Oral Roberts was reported and ridiculed.

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  2. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  5 months ago

    Just the thought of that would have enticed me more than buying a lottery ticket with that money.

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  3. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  5 months ago

    One time I had $51.

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  4. Missing large
    Zoturdley Premium Member 5 months ago

    Religion, the last refuge of a scoundrel. And of course career politicians.

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  5. Nc201206
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member 5 months ago

    Cheap at twice the price.

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  6. Lifi
    rossevrymn  5 months ago

    I might still find money send the survivors home.

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  7. Missing large
    ZarPaulus  5 months ago

    Oh, if only Jerry Falwell Sr. had gone to his God in the 80s. It would have given Junior more time to screw things up.

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  8. 20230415 170925
    Chithing Premium Member 5 months ago

    He’s going to be as rich as Croesus.

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  9. Chief wahoo
    aerotica69  5 months ago

    Take both Bakkers and jump forward in time to take “Blinky” Osteen and I’ll double the donation.

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  10. 250
    ladykat  5 months ago

    Opus will.

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  11. Missing large
    delennwen  5 months ago

    Dang, He still hasn’t gotten to Swaggart and Bakker yet!!

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  12. Missing large
    evsxrk  5 months ago

    A headline from the Onion: “God Kills Oral Roberts For Fundraising Shortfall”

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  13. Missing large
    Cozmik Cowboy  5 months ago

    BB forgot my favorite: Ernest Angley.

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  14. Bill murray drink
    Eric S   5 months ago

    this is where this video comes from:

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  15. Missing large
    john_chubb  5 months ago

    That’s what happens when you catch someone being wholesome!

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  16. Missing large
    geojkelly  5 months ago

    Or Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Menendez, Harris, etc

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  17. Thinker
    Sisyphos  5 months ago

    Wow! It’s a good thing Mr. Penguin Opus has gobs of cash handy to pay Fundamentally Oral Bill off to off the other four—err, I mean support Bill’s ministry in its struggle against the minions of Satan! Yeah; that’s it….

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