First Bozo by Foxo Reardon for November 24, 1947

  1. Pog
    POGGERS {person}  over 1 year ago

    This is the first strip?! The art is the same as all the others!

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  2. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member over 1 year ago

    1 Expect a big tip.

    2 And the chase for the Umbrella Guy is on!

    3 That Bozo’s light on his feet.

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  3. 2907650
    Jenksy6  over 1 year ago


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  4. Large screenshot 2021 12 26 6.13.05 pm
    Comicfan (I can't think of a better name)   about 1 year ago

    This is older than Peanuts but not older than Tom and Jerry

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  5. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  9 months ago

    BOZO comics is the best drawn best funnies me has ever seen.

    Drawn with fantastic finesse by the splendidly skilled master cartoonist FoXo Reardon, BOZO is the epitome of a picture speaks a thousand words. These wonderful wordless wonders are drawn so beautifully with perfect perspectives and great facial and body languages of characters, all drawn so well and so skillfully that there’s no need for any character speaking any words.

    A true hidden gem was BOZO for many, until now and remained mostly unknown to many, and finally the world now gets to see the marvellous master cartoonist FoXo’s magnificent masterpiece, the most pleasant picturesque pantomime, the ever entertaining ever energetic ever excellent evergreen entertainer BOZO!

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