Bozo by Foxo Reardon for January 29, 2023

  1. Earl flag
    Mark Thomas  8 months ago

    1. Going my way?

    2. Well, that didn’t go as planned.

    3. My dear Bozann, these flowers have your name all over them.

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  2. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member 8 months ago

    1 If you were a cop, would you get into Bozo’s car? (Hit the Road, Jack—Ray Charles)

    2 For once things worked out as Bozann had hoped. (C’mon and Swim—Bobby Freeman)

    3 “I’ve lost my heart to you, did you lose these?” ( Red Roses for a Blue Lady—Eddie Arnold)

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  3. Screenshot 20230831 195435  1
    GovernorOfCalisota {LoveBozobyFoxo} Premium Member 8 months ago

    1) Bozo trying to make amend for the stolen banana. ☺

    2) Instant regret ㋛ ~ Love the way Fuzzy swims. ♡

    3) How can you be mad at such a guy? ☺

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  4. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  8 months ago

    1. That Bozo, he always such an up-lift-ing person.

    2. There goes Bozo’s life, with guard.

    3. Ah me dear. How nice of you to shower em flowers on me. Here has some yourself.

    If always such a super splendid Sunday with these fabulous fun funnies called BOZO!

    And why wouldn’t they be for these is created by the tremendously talented FoXo Reardon who never needed his characters to say a single word to tell his funny tales!

    For he told em all with his awesome artwork alone, making every panel look like a photograph of a three dimensional cartoon world of realistic-looking depths and details. Such was FoXo’s powerful perspective artwork which brought to life a wonderful wordless world of BOZO!

    FoXo a rare combination of both sharp wits and artistic talents which is rarely seen together in the same cartoonist, a true master and professional cartoonist whose work quality speaks for itself and as you can see for yourself BOZO is pure gold coming from a golden era of cartooning, an especially excellent epitome of pictures speaking thousand words!

    And nothing could diminish FoXo’s work quality, not even cancer, as he continued creating brilliantly till his end days even while left with only one eye, lovely comics which is a treat to our both eyes as well as the mind.

    So is there any wonder that these wonderful wordless wonders still bring great joy and sheer cheer to many even after so many decades and eras later also?

    But despite being a great classic of great creative calibre, neither BOZO nor FoXo are much known or remembered these days.

    Spread the word, friends, so that BOZO can spread more joy and cheer to many many more!

    And yes of course another big thumbs up, big applause, and three cheers once again for the marvellous master FoXo’s magnificent masterpiece, the most pleasant picturesque pantomime, the ever entertaining ever energetic ever enjoyable ever excellent evergreen entertainer, the brilliantly beautiful and beautifully brilliant BOZO!

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  5. Snoopy laughs
    HappyDog/ᵀʳʸ ᴮᵒᶻᵒ ⁴ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘⁿ ᵒᶠ ᶦᵗ Premium Member 8 months ago

    1•∙ Bozo’s offer is rejected.

    2•∙ Again, his ploy fails!

    3•∙ After a third denial Bozo rose to the occasion.

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  6. Snoopy laughs
    HappyDog/ᵀʳʸ ᴮᵒᶻᵒ ⁴ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘⁿ ᵒᶠ ᶦᵗ Premium Member 8 months ago

    7 3 1 Two more Fuzzy sightings and I might have BINGO!

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  7. Img 3558
    Zebrastripes  8 months ago

    The copper has the traffic coming and going….Fuzzy hitched a ride, and Bozo, who can’t even reach the pedals, misreads the signals….going my way?

    Playful Bozo is “pushing” his luck….he came up short, Bozann lost her shoes, but a hunky lifeguard saves the day! Mean while, Fuzzy’s cooling off.

    Bozo, the pot head, plays the violin, screeching, trying to impress Bozann….it’s the wrong kind of attention, Bozo! OY!

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  8. Missing large
    guenette.charlie  8 months ago

    1) Need a lift, officer?

    2) Should’ve waited until the lifeguard was off duty.

    3) Found these flowers coming off your window, would you like them back?

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  9. Eb402b24 d8e1 455d 921b 31ee52adc5e0 1 102 o
    Just-me  8 months ago

    1. Kind offer.

    2. Plan gone awry.

    3. Moonlight sonata?

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  10. Missing large
    goboboyd  8 months ago

    1. I’m only upset I hadn’t thought of this myself. Half a century ago.

    2. Bozo will be forever be in deep doo doo. She lost her beach shoes (heels?) in the surprise dunk. The Life Guard is a hero because he rescued her before her hair got wet.

    3. Glamorous loungewear Miss.

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  11. 1  11
    mreardon53 Premium Member 8 months ago

    Times-Dispatch personnel and the Richmond police did not always see eye to eye. Once while accompanying a reporter on a story, Foxo and the reporter encountered a policeman who, when discovering they were from the newspaper, told them, "All I use the Times-Dispatch for is wiping my* . To which the reporter replied, "You keep that up. Before long you’ll have more brains in your * than you do in your head." According to Foxo, that policeman never forgot the reporters words. {From my book, “Whistling Down the Halls, The Times and Cartoons of America’s Original Pantomime Comic Strip Artist.” M. Reardon, son of Foxo.

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  12. Missing large
    Sluggo's Eloquence Coach  8 months ago

    1) Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin 2) Save My Life – Head East 3) You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore – Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand

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  13. 1  11
    mreardon53 Premium Member 8 months ago

    Thanks for all the great comments. Foxo, without a doubt, would really appreciated them.

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  14. Agile1
    samplur  8 months ago

    strip2 panel#4-fuzzys sign reads ‘3’ as in Bozo’s the 3rd wheel.strip 3 panel #2 fuzzys sign is blank, I think the flower pot “cleaned bozo’s slate” bozo might have amnesia?!

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  15. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49[Bozo is Boffo]  8 months ago

    1) TRAFFIC COP NEEDS A RIDE?: No just Bozo showing his hospitality to a different member of the police force!

    2) MISSED HER BY THAT MUCH: Water games and Bozo misses the lass by a lifeguard scooping her up first!

    3) FROM A SOW’S EAR TO A SILK PURSE: Where Bozo gets crowned for serenading a lively lad with a flowerpot. He uses the flowers as a bouquet for her!

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  16. Sparky moon face
    Moonglow Premium Member 8 months ago

    Maybe Bozo will find the Swimsuit Lady’s shoes! We’ll bet she’ll appreciate that as much as being rescued! P.S. Love the FoXo narrative. We lived in Richmond during college and remember the Times Dispatch well. Did FoXo like Miller & Rhodes’ Lemon Chess Pie as much as we did?

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