Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for December 06, 2022

  1. Orange kitty
    Sue Ellen  6 months ago

    Such a sad little face in panel two!

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  2. Mbsils
    marilynnbyerly  6 months ago

    Lupin has issues.

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  3. Missing large
    dmah Premium Member 6 months ago

    Lupin, if you can be patient and wait a few weeks, Santa may bring something ethereal and delicate and so deliciously breakable that your soul will sing every time you remember smashing it into a million glittery pieces. Of course, this special gift may not be specifically for you, it may actually be for the Woman, but if it’s something really hideous, she might be willing to “share” it with you …

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  4. Girls day 1
    uncle snipe  6 months ago

    My Gracie likes to get IN the tree. Luckily I have developed a near fool-proof system for that tragedy. I anchor the tree, in a corner of the living room, using fishing line and finishing nails.On the plus side, her green eyes peering out from the middle of the tree are a nice decoration themselves. I have long given up on breakables though.

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  5. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 6 months ago

    “Meet me half-way!”

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  6. Photo
    Robin Harwood  6 months ago

    Poor Lupin. But going cold turkey will be the best thing in the long run.

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  7. Opus swivel 2
    Jacob Mattingly   6 months ago

    I’m honestly feeling bad for Lupin. I mean he does deserve this, he truly does, but the wideness of his eyes and his desperation gets me.

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  8. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 6 months ago

    Isn’t bargaining stage two?

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  9. Goojf2
    FreihEitner Premium Member 6 months ago

    Lupin’s negotiating skills could use some honing.

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  10. D5c40017 0548 401d aa77 d166988a44d1
    222jo  6 months ago

    This reminds me of going downstairs for breakfast in the mornings. Cat: I’m starbing so I’ll just sit here on the stair in front of you and swish my tail about a bit so you don’t dare take another step. Me: If you want to be fed, get out of the way!

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  11. D952539c 76e6 4b04 9f6d e49839f8a4c5
    KandiasOverton  6 months ago

    Many ornaments were retired when my current boys arrived 14 years ago. Like Lupin they never outgrew the carnage.

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  12. Cartooninglady
    I AM CARTOON LADY!  6 months ago

    When something fragile comes along, you can break it! And when the humans box it up, you can trip em’! Now Trip em’! Trip em’ good! Move forward! Run ahead! Get in their way! And trip em’ good!

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  13. Dragon baby
    Tigrisan Premium Member 6 months ago

    I have never had a cat bother my tree. Ever. And we’ve always been Dobe owners. Since they’re tailless, we’ve just never had any trouble. When my daughter, Thing 1, brought their Treeing Walker over one Christmas though, the poor dog had no clue he had a tail and I didn’t think about it when they brought him in. Such a Good Boi! But I had my tree covered with antique glass ornaments, he got too close, one swipe of that tail and he caught one of those ornaments. It flew a good 20 feet before it hit the wall in the next room and shattered. Poor guy looked so confused. Our dogs were sitting by the back door looking guilty and the cat was under the bed.

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  14. Missing large
    Snowy&Finlay  6 months ago

    For the past few years I have been putting the best ornaments, breakable and non-breakable on display over over doorways and the mantle. they are safer and they can be enjoyed more.

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  15. Img 0291
    arolarson Premium Member 6 months ago

    This is from real experience. Scroll down past Georgia’s note about shopping links.

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  16. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  6 months ago

    Lupin is shattered by the Woman’s decision.

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  17. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  6 months ago

    Don’t worry Lupin, you will find other things to break

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  18. Avt freyjaw spring48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 6 months ago

    She’s sparing the furkids a vet trip from cuts delivered by broken ornaments. Shards always find the most delicate part of the foot.

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  19. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 6 months ago

    So sad. Lupin’s whole reason for existence is being thwarted.

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  20. Jungletaitei
    Jungle Empress  6 months ago

    How can anyone say no to those big pleading eyes?!

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  21. Missing large
    Katzen1415  6 months ago

    It appears to be the end of an era, but I still don’t agree with Burt that there will be a break from breaking. Lupin will just break something else.

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  22. Cball head
    DeerOrchid Premium Member 6 months ago

    Lennon and Ono’s working title for the song was “Give Shatterproof A Chance” but eventually they changed it to “Peace”.

    Not really, I just made that up.

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  23. Download
    misty  6 months ago

    Knockin’ around the Christmas tree

    At the things cats like to bop

    Shatterproof hung where you can see

    For the carnage she tries to stop

    Knockin’ around the Christmas tree

    Tryin’ to save the Christmas bling

    Later we’ll see Lupin will try

    To do some sly tripping

    You will get a cringey sinkin’ feeling when you hear

    Baubles breaking, what a folly

    Smash! There goes the bright red holly

    Blockin’ around the Christmas tree

    Have a happy holiday

    Everyone glancin’ warily

    As they keep Lupin at bay

    (Well, they try, anyway)

    - Johnny Marks – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

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  24. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  6 months ago

    Meanwhile, Back on the Nile

    At the Artisans’ Studio

    Adobe Style: Do we have any broken pottery left? I’d like to make some Kintsugi decorations for the Yuletide Fest.

    Sophititi: And I’m planning a found object sculpture depicting beauty from broken things.

    Tabith-Isis I’m looking for some red dots. Do you have any here at the stuio?

    Arachna: I think we can find something for everyone. And I know who to ask. All together, now.


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  25. Image
    diskus Premium Member 6 months ago

    We went to all wooden ornaments, expensive but durable. Would find them all over the house lol

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  26. Image
    diskus Premium Member 6 months ago

    I wonder if anyone would purchase BCN ornaments if available?

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  27. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Just wondering…

    Do you think Hamilton would look good in a Santa Hat and Coat?

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  28. Missing large
    Trscroggs  6 months ago

    We have to hang any ornament involving cotton balls or puffs pretty high on the tree to avoid feline attention.

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  29. Stella
    valeries  6 months ago

    Dang it! When I click on a “Liked,” or “Replied to Your Comment” link, I’m getting a “404 Not Found” error message … so, if you posed a question to my comment and don’t get one, or added more info and I don’t come back and “like” it, that’s why!

    Many props to our GoComics IT folks for their work to keep this site up and running—we’re rooting for you! Thanks for keeping your sleeves rolled up.

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  30. Red skelton
    Daltongang Premium Member 6 months ago

    This is such an easy problem to solve, make an ornament out of lego’s and hang it low on the tree. When Lupin knocks it off it will come apart. Pick up the pieces put them back together again and hang it on the tree once again. No real damage done and Lupin will be a happy camper through out he Christmas Season.

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  31. Missing large
    prrdh  6 months ago

    What will happen to Lupin, unable to fulfill his purpose for existing? (Discutio ergo sum).

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  32. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  6 months ago

    Some people (and cats) just want to have an impact on the world.

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  33. Imagescatizwds
    bonita.eley  6 months ago

    Sweet Lupin – if you knew how much pain a piece of shattered glass ornament can cause stuck in a paw – you would thank her!

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  34. Download
    Mr. Reader  6 months ago

    you deny chaos woman… I foretell this will end poorly for you.

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  35. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  6 months ago

    It seems to me there is a marketing niche for “breakable” ornaments that could be reassembled. When I was a kid there were toy “crash cars” like that. Other than that, bamboo ball ornaments would probably be a cat favorite. :)

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  36. 0418141806 00
    Martin 78  6 months ago

    Oddly enough, we never really worried about Russel. He would just sleep under the tree. Bobbie the parakeet was the one who would pick ornaments off the tree, or knock stuff off the shelf or table. On day, he went along a spice rack holding my wife’s ceramic horses, picking each one up and dropping it on the floor. He killed 3 before I stopped him.

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  37. Png 20221204 003353 0000
    SquawkTron  6 months ago

    I feel your pain, Lupin, but it’s for the best. You’re bound to find something else to destroy.

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  38. Missing large
    wintercollie  6 months ago

    my sister had a cockatiel who also liked to throw stuff around, until the day i got him drunk on Grand Marnier soaked fruit. (one piece from a fruit salad i had made) from then on, he was a good boy. side note to story – i was very uneducated about liqueurs at that time and called it grand mariner. my sister never laughed so hard.

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  39. Missing large
    sisterea  6 months ago

    Be interesting to see how our new cat not a kitten reacts to the Christmas tree.

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  40. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 6 months ago

    Holly (La Plume) Stein does not appear interested in the tree, at least so far. MrrrCavity is not a big climber, and 8-ball is old enough that he only climbs to get somewhere he really wants to be—even though he was the original “Tenzing Norcat.”

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  41. Ruke toe
    miscreant  6 months ago

    Lupin needs his own Rage Room.

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  42. Jhat
    29jeb   6 months ago


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  43. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  6 months ago

    John Lennon: Give Peace a Chance

    Everybody’s talking about…

    Heirlooms, cat of doom, running all around the room

    Glass here, shards there, priceless pieces everywhere!


    All we are saying is give pieces a chance!

    All we are saying is give piece a chance!


    Everybody’s talking about…

    Quick trip, let it slip, boxes flying let it rip!

    Antiques, Elvis freaks, sweeping up for many weeks!


    All we are saying is give pieces a chance!

    All we are saying is give piece a chance!

    All we are saying is give pieces a chance!

    All we are saying is give piece a chance!

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  44. Hellcat
    knight1192a  6 months ago

    All lupin is saying

    Is give breaking a chance

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  45. Dscf3970  2
    crazeekatlady  6 months ago

    I wonder what would happen to a Christmas Tree decorated in all the cat toys they ignore???? I also wonder if I am willing to find out.

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  46. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  6 months ago

    I knew Lupin would start eoron tactics.

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  47. Orange kitty
    Sue Ellen  6 months ago

    Does anybody else find the big blue banner ominous? Especially considering it says the changes are coming in Fall 2023 but the link says Summer 2023. They can’t even get the date right, but they’re going to revamp the whole site? Saints preserve us—and preserve all our past and future comment sections.

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  48. Art screams
    Bwahahaha!  6 months ago

    Sucks to be you, Lupin.

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  49. 1
    metagalaxy1970  6 months ago

    Poor little Lupin.

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  50. 264608 244132558931598 388435 n
    kaylin  6 months ago

    I stop putting up decorations when I have pets. Half of my childhood decorations I had saved, got destroyed the first year we had cats and a dog. When I was growing up, we never had pets, because my Dad said, “NO PETS!” So, when I moved out on my own and had my Christmas decorations, I never thought about my pets destroying them. Lesson learned. I still don’t put up Christmas decorations. I don’t have family or friends coming over to the house anyways. I get my Christmas cheer from the endless Hallmark Christmas Movies….LOL

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  51. Photo
    Granny Roberta  6 months ago

    Why don’t we just hang catnip mice from our trees. Every year when tree-decorating time comes around, we could just sweep them out from under our stoves, refrigerators, and bookcases, and hand them on the tree again.

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