Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for November 05, 2023

  1. Large girls pose
    uncle snipe  6 months ago

    From the diaphragm!I’m lovin how POOFED out Ora Z got at Elvis’ HENGHHHTTT. That is absolutely NOT an old man-cat noise! Plus, Bonus Points to Iggy for the Jazz Paws.

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  2. Zebra pegasus
    alcorn  6 months ago

    Sunday Fun: or good news.

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  3. Missing large
    stairsteppublishing  6 months ago

    What i the world was that sound that came out of Elvis’ mouth? Certainly not a mew or meow. And certainly not a proper Elvis sound.

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  4. Narbicon
    dvandom  6 months ago

    The two regular feral cats in my yard don’t meow well. One is a known runaway (from, like, across the street, but has still been ownerless for like 8 years now) and can kind of remember how to meow, it’s just sort of uncanny valley. Her companion, a true feral, mostly hisses, but a couple of times when no other cat was around to hear, he’s attempted to meow. Emphasis on attempted.

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  5. Missing large
    dmah Premium Member 6 months ago

    It feels like Elvis just gave himself a hernia, trying for that perfect meow. Lupin, on the other hand, has an interesting genetic make-up, consisting of equal parts tiny horse, arctic fox, and klaxon …

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  6. Successful runner
    skipper1992  6 months ago

    Maverick’s “meow” has evolved to make him sound like a cranky old man … which, in fairness, he is a cranky old man (he was estimated to be around 2 when he hired us as his servants in 2013, so that puts him around 13).

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  7. 20140316 005818
    MrsXandamere  6 months ago

    All of my cats have different voices and they all use them ALL THE TIME. Cici screams for food. Baby screams for the sheer musical joy of it. Panda yowls her frequent displeasure. Buttercup uses her dainty little baby meow when she wants attention, and then her Big Girl Meow if you don’t do it snappy enough.

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  8. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member 6 months ago

    Raven makes all of those noises and more. Daily.

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  9. Dscf0663 meimei crop
    Aspen_Bell  6 months ago

    Willie McTell mentioned Slim Gaillard the other day. Seems prophetic.

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  10. Laundry
    Sue Ellen  6 months ago

    I’m surprised the ceiling cats haven’t joined the choir.

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  11. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  6 months ago

    Cass Elliot: Make Your Own Kind of Music

    Nobody can tell ya

    There’s only one meow worth meowing!

    They may try to sell ya

    But you do the best meow for you!


    You’ve gotta Meow your own kind of music!

    Mew your own special song!

    Meow your own kind of music!

    Don’t let anybody tell you you’re wrong!


    Some times you may yodel

    Or give a strong loud howl!

    Or just a soft whisper

    It’s all your own thing anyhow!


    But you’ve gotta

    Make your own kind of music!

    Mew your own special song!

    Make your own kind of music!

    Don’t let anybody tell you you’re wrong!


    So if you do your own meow

    However it may sound

    It’s your best right now


    You’ve gotta

    Make your own kind of music!

    Mew your own special song!

    Make your own kind of music!

    Don’t let anybody tell you you’re wrong!

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  12. Large girls pose
    uncle snipe  6 months ago

    Not sure if Ora Zella is doing Jazz Paws too, or just throwing elbows! My money is on elbows!

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  13. Ericka huggins
    JLChi  6 months ago

    And have you all read about the recent study done on cat facial expressions: 276 distinct facial expressions. Reported on CNN and Live Science and, I’m sure, lots of other places.

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  14. Ericka huggins
    JLChi  6 months ago

    I was expecting Ora Z. to be a lot louder. She seems rather reserved.

    I wonder if this is the first time we’ve seen her poof.

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  15. Missing large
    Bub5g  6 months ago

    I can’t tell if Elvis or Lupin is louder. Either way, I feel bad for the Woman and the Man having to listen to that.

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  16. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 6 months ago

    And then the human children join in…

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  17. Beatrix
    azkfwecho Premium Member 6 months ago

    I love that OZ seems to have a tiny little voice.

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  18. Jungletaitei
    Jungle Empress  6 months ago

    I love how cats have their own voices! Blossom had a “mah” sound, or a “mrp”. Zelda, on the other paw, is more like “mrrow”.

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  19. Large jorts avatar
    emiesty  6 months ago

    I wish that I could distinguish my house panthers by meow. I sure can’t tell them apart any other way. Have any of you read the short essay How to Bark Abroad? It includes cats, too.

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  20. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Once more, with feeling!

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  21. 15300565769901122701409
    kangtourcat  6 months ago

    OT: Trying new cat in the house from the outside. This is day two and so far all is quiet tonight. He, Mystic, will be number 5 in our small house. He is a very expressive, white, medium hair with a fluffy tail. More later, time for bed.

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  22. Trouble and mischief together
    Lady Bri  6 months ago

    My Trouble would teach them his famous, “BRÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ!!!!” (ミゝᆽ╹ミ)

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  23. 20200731 054915
    Kitty Queen  6 months ago

    Sounds like my house when I’m a few minutes late for feeding time!

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  24. Missing large
    fullmoondeb Premium Member 6 months ago


    Hey guys, has Gent been around BCN lately? I see he has posted tonight on other sites, and I haven’t had time to read all reply comments this past week, but just wondering where he is.

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  25. Avt freyjaw winter48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 6 months ago

    All cats do have unique voices. Bear has a soft meow, but when she swears, she’s loud and profane (growl, hiss, spit, yowl).

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  26. Toffeeavatar
    strikklybizness  6 months ago

    Hazel is plainly trying to speak Human when she meows – she sits outside the door saying, Ha-ROW? Ha-ROW? – with a questioning upward inflection at the end… The only thing funnier is when she turns Spanish: “O-LAY? O-LAY?”

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  27. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  6 months ago

    Oy! Where’s the “Mewt Button” when you need it urgently?

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  28. Missing large
    rheddmobile  6 months ago

    My new little kitten girl that we rescued from traffic is now called Birdie because she makes weird little peeps, trills, and squeaks! Some she will probably grow out of, but this isn’t ordinary kitten talk. If you remember the frilled dilophosaurus from the first Jurassic Park movie, that’s what she sounds like!

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  29. Milo face cropped
    Olive O'Sudden  6 months ago

    Love a cat who can scat!♥

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  30. Small
    cb8ty  6 months ago

    My panther sounds like Puck. Sissy “growls” and the Mese walks around talking to himself – and anyone who will listen – maximum volume.

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  31. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  6 months ago

    Iggy Toe Beans!

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  32. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  6 months ago

    In panel four – Elvis is channeling Professor Henry Higgins.

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  33. Cartooninglady
    I AM CARTOON LADY!  6 months ago

    Ok, Elvis has convinced me that my Cassidy is part, Siamese! His yowl goes-HEEERGHROOOOOOOOW!!! And it is very, LOUD!

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  34. Missing large
    dlavigne  6 months ago

    One of my two boy kitties is now 13 years old (the other is almost 14 now). His name is Fiji. He loves to meow at us for his treats but does it in the cutest way. He just opens his mouth and “meows” – but no sound comes out. He DOES have a voice because he will ROOOWWW quite loudly when the two dogs want to play with him, but he likes to just “whisper” at his people most of the time.

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  35. Large girls pose
    uncle snipe  6 months ago

    My Sara, calico so go figure, does these yaps. Sentence after sentence of yapping. Mostly talking to herself. Then she will yawn and let out the cutest little yerrrrrrrrp. Gracie has a soft, baby mew, and a merp that sounds like she’s reading me the riot act!

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  36. Dragon baby
    Tigrisan Premium Member 6 months ago

    My Shorty Cat has one sound. mmrrrp? Tiny, soft, always a question. Her little upper lips go up but her mouth never opens. That’s it. Just mmrrrp? Unless she’s pooped. Then the whole house knows…

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  37. 20200518 145255
    sprint  6 months ago

    cats can make over 100 sounds (dogs 10) their ears have 32 muscles.

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  38. Comixavatar
    T_Lexi  6 months ago

    I love Ora Z’s little “Baba” buried in amongst the other sounds.

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  39. Img 20231204 113258
    OneGirlTwoCats  6 months ago

    I sometimes call my cats by the sounds they make. My boys were/are MaROOOOO and Yow. The kitten is currently Squeaky or the Guinea Pig.

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  40. Cfaab4cc d382 4979 8cc7 882aed2b8162
    katey11  6 months ago

    Love that OZ has the most subdued meow. She is definitely not subdued! Actually love all the meows and Iggy Jazz Hands!

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  41. Missing large
    DM3456  6 months ago

    Such a joyful symphony!!! And Ora Zella’s mighty vocalization in the next to last panel is very endearing. :D

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  42. Missing large
    Lady Alsace  6 months ago

    My Lizzie was a rescue from a hoarder’s home. When I was teaching her to play she suddenly let loose of this bone chilling meow! Just like Elvis! Whenever I heard her screech, I knew that she was happy somewhere in my house. This strip brought a smile to my heart to remember my little Lizzie!

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  43. Img 7448
    Happy, happy, happy!!! Premium Member 6 months ago

    Kiki says, Meh.

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  44. Ignatz
    Ignatz Premium Member 6 months ago

    Cats absolutely to have their own voices and their own distinct meows.

    It’s been more than 20 years, and I still miss my little Squeak.

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  45. Download
    misty  6 months ago

    Silence is broken like a first warning

    Goldie has spoken – “Blopt! Bleh?” is heard

    “Prowwww!” Pucky’s bringing, of course it’s so charming

    Praise voices ringing – Elvis sounds like he hurled “HENGHHHTTT”

    Sweet are the kittens, voices from Heaven

    Hear meeps and howls that are first class

    Praise for the sweetness of the cute chorus

    Sung in uniqueness, smooth as stained glass

    “Meep” in the sunlight, “YooOoo” in the morning

    Well, Lupin’s a delight, talks like he plays

    “OW-ROOO!” with elation, starts every morning

    Loud vocalization for the mew day

    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning

    Praise for the coach and distinct boys and girls

    - Yusuf Islam / Eleanor Farjeon – Morning has Broken

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  46. Image
    diskus Premium Member 6 months ago


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  47. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  6 months ago

    …Elvis is the sort who’d complain about how check-out signs at stores say “less than” instead of “fewer than,” doesn’t he?

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  48. Anarcho syndicalismvnnb   copy
    gigagrouch  6 months ago

    Prutt… wakawaka*

    *seldom heard.

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  49. Photo
    Granny Roberta  6 months ago

    BladeRunner doesn’t really talk. Nicki purrs louder than she meows. Even when she’s gotten herself shut in the basement or the back room, I can hardly hear her tiny whimper-mew. Peppy yowls demandingly all over the house whenever she wants to know where the rest of us are. Or maybe she’s just crying for Blade to come play with her and doesn’t care about anyone else. :) She’s my only talkative cat—I think she must be a meezer in disguise.

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  50. Img 20240108 212753
    DawnMcCandless  6 months ago

    My cat Rusty would walk around the house yelling ow ow ow. Starlord when he does let out a vocal sounds like a little girl scream

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  51. Red skelton
    Daltongang Premium Member 6 months ago

    This violates the very essence of the being of a cat. Cat’s talk to humans, cats do not talk to other cats. They may hiss or growl but the do not talk to one another.

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  52. Jondalf avi
    Jon Premium Member 6 months ago

    Lupin’s call has been previously reported on 2019/06/16, rerun on 2022/02027

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  53. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  6 months ago


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  54. Thimblefist
    bryan42  6 months ago

    Aaah, starting the day off with another full-hearted laugh thanks to the BCN staff. OZ in p.5 looks like she’s about to jump out of her clothes but then goes full bee-bop in the following panels. I think I’d run and hide if my entire clowder starting meowing with such enthusiasm all at the same time!

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  55. Lucy22
    LucyLuLu  6 months ago

    Lucylu’s meh is so faint and infrequent

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  56. Rose 1
    Zoomer&Yeti  6 months ago


    No, I guess not.

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  57. Missing large
    gregcomn  6 months ago

    These cat sounds remind me of the best example ever: “trout” ( from Kliban’s “Qat” dictionary.)

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  58. Image gl2xu6o8 1679017467894 raw
    Space_cat  6 months ago

    For a Snowshoe, Poodle more or less has a Siamese meow, but it’s more of a loud Sqwaaaaakk! or Squaaaaaat! Sound, which I love, but annoys Barbara, as Poody is very vocal. Roy can be loud, like a screeching wildcat loud, but for the most part he is soft and gentle in his vocalizations, he is more of a whisperer. He will only raise volume if it’s important… To him. I miss Peaky P’s little meows, hers went like this Meeeeeee! If it was short it meant she was happy, but if she wanted something it was longer. I miss our back and forth at feeding times or when i came home. It Drove Barb crazy, hearing us “meow” at each other.

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  59. Photo
    GaryCooper  6 months ago

    A Siamese cat giving voice lessons must be really something.

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  60. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 6 months ago

    The statistics on Los Gatos de la Casa de Lay are thus:

    Mittens – Mostly a soft cackle, like you would expect from a 96 cat-year-old.

    Belle – A long meow, holding that last note for several seconds (E-Flat). She is most vocal when she is calling Marie to bed.

    Holly Bear – A sharp squeak, but rarely.

    Hamilton A. Cat – Not a big meower unless we are cooking together. Then he, as you would guess, talks up a storm.

    Holmes – Didn’t meow at all when we brought him home. However, over the last year, he has become a big meower to me, especially when we come downstairs in the morning. When I leave the bedroom, Hamilton and Holmes rush ahead of me, racing each other down the hallway and steps.


    Our Consulting Detective, Holmes’ Gotcha-Day, is coming up on December 3rd, 2022. Hamilton A. Cat’s Gotcha-Day was November 6th, 2021 (I just found his paperwork). Holmes is registered at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Chewy. And for some reason, Holmes has also picked out a 1990 Chateau d’Yquem. Don’t worry. I will make sure he receives it, if it is sent to him.

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  61. Dr coathanger abortions 150
    Teto85 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Cats make all sorts of vocal noises to each other and other animals. Strangely enough they only make that “meow” sound to humans.

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  62. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 6 months ago

    Mrrehh. Mrrekkhh. Merp. And you may quote me.

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  63. Missing large
    Katzen1415  6 months ago

    So unique! Georgia must have paid a lot of attention to the cats to pick out these sounds.

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  64. File10938
    ElliottB.C.Rennie  6 months ago

    One of our first cats was Nick named Pip-pip because she had such a soft mew. Her sister was Eld Katt (fire cat) because of her powerful lungs.

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  65. 4dbcb439 5424 4ee5 9c52 75b0a3927a5e
    Red Bird  6 months ago

    Elvis’ meow looks like he is trying to cough up a hairball.

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  66. Reboot avatar
    Font Lady Premium Member 6 months ago

    All of ours make the most interesting variety of noises. The two outdoor ferals sound like a couple of grumpy old men and will sit on the porch under my daughter’s window and yell at her when they want to be fed. Decibel hides behind the nonworking stove and MIOWs whenever anyone in the house even thinks of going near the kitchen. She will go and actually get on Jora’s bed when Jora has chicken. Update still tries to ask Decibel to play with a very playful mrrrp, but Deci still ignores him. Database just gives a very soft Mreep when she wants something. Decibel is also the only cat allowed in my computer room because she stays off the computer. I have to keep the door closed to keep Update out, so when Decibel is ready to get out, she knocks on the door. I saw her do it. She is not head bumping the door or reaching under with a paw. She actually hits the door with her paw. No idea where she learned that.

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  67. Reboot avatar
    Font Lady Premium Member 6 months ago

    OT: Lily update.

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  68. Img 20220101 135114 01 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  6 months ago

    Jazz paws! ⁽⁠⁽⁠◝^⁠ ⁠•⁠௰⁠•⁠ ^◜⁠⁾⁠⁾

    But what made me ugly-laugh right out loud was Lupin’s “I HAVE KILLED A SOCK” caterwaul!

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  69. 20200405 170614
    Catmom  5 months ago


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  70. Missing large
    parentofgirls  5 months ago

    Hilarious!! I can actually hear it! :)

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  71. Miss mina murray fans
    Miss Mina  5 months ago

    Albert used to “silent meow”. He also would sit at the top of the stairs and say “Hello” (eh-oh), mostly when we would come home, but sometimes when he didn’t want His Man to leave. His “I’m hungry” meow was “mow!” or “now!”, which lead to conversations like “When would you like breakfast?” or “Who’s your favorite Communist leader?”

    If you go to the end of this video: youtu . be / b5zRdW9Exos you can hear one of his meows for yourself. (remove spaces)

    Bartholomew has a yowl like a siren and he mutters to himself. When he was younger, he would squeak every time he went down a step— coming down a flight of stairs sounded like “Bart, Bart, Bart”.

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  72. 1
    metagalaxy1970  5 months ago

    When Sebastian was still with me, I swear he was trying to teach me to meow.Can’t blame the little one for being a little frazzled after that, though the boy seemed unfazed. Ash, being part Siamese, he would sit around the corner and yell his bloody head off. I’d yell at him and he’d pop his head around the corner, like “oh, that’s where you were”. Each kitty I’ve ever had has all different meows. All unique. (love jazz paws!)

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  73. Desert wind minimalist by ekster 1
    cybergal29  5 months ago

    AWW, all of the dear sweet kitties of Breaking Cat News are showing off their different meows :-)

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  74. Desert wind minimalist by ekster 1
    cybergal29  5 months ago

    AWW, I remember when I was living with my half-brother and his male partner and we had five dear sweet kitties that you could tell who was meowing due to how loud, soft, and the variations of each meow :-)

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  75. Img 20220101 135114 01 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  5 months ago

    I do wonder if all the cats actually make these noises.

    Especially Goldie!

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  76. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  5 months ago

    Our 3 year old has a kitten meow. We call it squeeing. She’s starting to introduce consonants but it’s very subtle.

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  77. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  5 months ago

    Neil Diamond: Beautiful Noise

    What a beautiful noise

    Coming from the first floor

    Got a beautiful sound

    From the cats evermore!


    It’s a beautiful noise

    Coming from each cat

    Like the sound of the wild

    From our animal friends

    All the beauty of all that!


    It’s a beautiful noise

    From the cats we all love!

    And it makes us feel good

    Like a smile from above!

    Yes it does! Yes it does!


    It’s a beautiful noise

    The best that I’ve heard

    And it’s waiting for me

    Just to add a few words!

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  78. Aardman puurfect
    David 42  5 months ago

    Today’s strip reminded me of this picture that appeared on the merriam-webster dictionary site awhile back: postimg (dot) cc/tZCLfvG3 (be sure to look closely at the bottom edge of that picture)

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  79. Dodge viper green 2
    rgcviper  5 months ago

    Talk about self-expression. My favorite meow is definitely the Plerbbt! in the last panel. Ha.

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  80. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 5 months ago

    I get the impression that cat language is made up almost entirely of irregular verbs …

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  81. 20170620 140528
    "Doon the Watter" on the Waverley  5 months ago

    Just picked up tnr traps for the strays in my complex. Someone dumped a BEAUTIFUL calico who would heartily (and loudly) agree to meow training if anyone in Nashville TN area wants a new kitty willing to boss you into extra cuddles!

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  82. Missing large
    a_dt  5 months ago

    our 13 yo outside cat (asymmetric tuxedo) has a tiny little meow… he seems to announce “here, here…” in a tiny voice: I wonder if this is b/c he has been fixed when he was a kitten…. Then another ~ 4 yo outside cat (symmetric tuxedo) got fixed as a “teenager” (slightly under 1 yo), and he has a goat meow, “e-e-e-ouw-” cannot even transcribe it…. Our tiny (looking like a kitten) outside 11 yo girl (fixed as a kitten) has nearly no meow at all. She would howl if a cat comes too near to her… otherwise she’s silent. I stop here but it’s true, every cat has its own meow…

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  83. Dscf3970  2
    crazeekatlady  5 months ago

    Had a cat appear at my house when I lived in a different city. She walked in the back door when I went out to feed the birds. She looked up at me, I asked her her name “Boooobbb.” Asked her if she lived here, “Meeeyyyysss.” Asked her if she was hungry, “Meeryyysss.” and my dear little Meercat looked at her, head bopped her and led her to Meercat’s bowls. Fed Bobcat, and she and Meercat were bonded buddies until she died 16 years later. Meercat died 6 months after Bobcat.

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  84. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  5 months ago

    And that last panel would make a great calendar page. Along with the ghost tea party from last week. And Lupin doing yoga from June 9, 2019. Just suggesting.

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  85. Goojf2
    FreihEitner Premium Member 5 months ago

    The Woman might want to get Goldie and Elvis into the mechanic; they’re making some strange noises.

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  86. Missing large
    catmom1360  5 months ago

    Does Elvis have a frog in his throat?

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  87. B7f102c6 773f 45cd 8306 3a6aa5f7dca7
    kittylover.truitt  5 months ago

    Oh my gosh! Love this its so perfect capturing the essence of kitty noises:)

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  88. Dennycrop
    Denny Wheeler Premium Member 5 months ago

    I wonder if Ivan (TK name; dunno if he’s still called that) retained his voice when he grew up. His nickname at TK was, and is, “The Ivanhorn”. Good grief, he was loud.

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  89. Missing large
    Hungry_Ghost  5 months ago

    I need video of these.

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  90. Missing large
    danielledopie  about 1 month ago

    I have dubbed this episode “One in a Meow-lion”. :D

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