Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard for March 26, 2023

  1. Bluedog
    Bilan  6 months ago

    Since I’m the first one, I get to say it:

    ET, Uber home!

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  2. 125px flag of colorado svg
    Captain Colorado  6 months ago

    There’s space for everyone.

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  3. Avatar
    weatherford.joe Premium Member 6 months ago

    So where’s ALF gonna go? His homeworld was destroyed.

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  4. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member 6 months ago

    Let’s see. Left to right: Darth Vader; ALF; Worf from “Star Trek: the Next Generation”; Marvin the Martian; George Jetson; the “Lost in Space” robot; E.T.; and the “Alien”. What do I win?

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  5. Missing large
    jtrevor99  6 months ago

    George dyed his hair!

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  6. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 6 months ago

    They can take the commuters’ lane.

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  7. Img 1931
    Sanspareil  6 months ago

    George looks most unhappy!

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  8. Missing large
    TStyle78  6 months ago

    Who’s driving?

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  9. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  6 months ago

    I was looking for The Great Gazoo.

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  10. Missing large
    niteskyy Premium Member 6 months ago

    Loved the Jetsons when I was a kid. I knew it was a cartoon but it gave me a cool vision for the future.

    Now kids are growing up listening to Greta Thunberg.

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  11. Missing large
    phillip w  6 months ago

    Love the Martian.

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  12. Ed583643 91bf 4172 be99 60eabdf33fa3
    Lee26 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Little scary for George Jetson to be sharing a ride with the Alien, is it not?

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  13. Ed583643 91bf 4172 be99 60eabdf33fa3
    Lee26 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Love the concep!

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  14. Missing large
    J. Shlabotnik  6 months ago

    Is George dyeing his hair jet black to cover the gray?

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  15. Missing large
    geese28  6 months ago

    If Vader is piloting this may not end well

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  16. Cw avatar006
    blakerl  6 months ago

    Hay! where’s George Jetson’s, Boy Elroy, his cute Daughter Judy, and Jane his wife.

    Did he already drop them off?

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  17. Missing large
    Barbara Chicco Premium Member 6 months ago

    where is arthur dent?

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  18. Missing large
    steveconkey2003  6 months ago

    Looks like Biden’ cabinet. Like the bar scene from Star Wars.

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  19. Imagescaxtkub3
    Calvins Brother  6 months ago

    I wonder if they play Slug Bug?

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  20. Missing large
    lemonbaskt  6 months ago

    wow i need a genie id like a print of this

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  21. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  6 months ago

    Or an overbooked Uber. :)

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  22. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  6 months ago

    I can recognize all but the robot in front of George Jetson, and by George he’s George.

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  23. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - bf182b]  6 months ago

    Who’s driving?

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  24. Grimes
    SofaKing  6 months ago

    No Bender, Fry or Leela? Dr. Zoidberg? Hermes?

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  25. Img 20230725 160430053 hdr
    David Huie Green LosersBlameOthers&It'sYOURfault  6 months ago

    It should make for some interesting conversations.

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  26. Missing large
    ginkens001  6 months ago

    Shouldn’t George be driving?

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  27. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  6 months ago

    Did George Jetson dye his hair?

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  28. Missing large
    tshaas  6 months ago

    Funniest daily comic on this site in a while. WOW, very creative and tongue-in-cheek.

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  29. Missing large
    aussie399 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Where’s Fred Flintstone?

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