Buckles by David Gilbert for April 02, 2023

  1. Earl clipart
    dadthedawg  8 months ago

    How do you set that internal clock?…..

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  2. Jasperc
    Sue Ellen  8 months ago

    At the time this comic was written, today would have been the start of DST. I still have an old alarm clock that auto resets but is stuck on the old schedule, so I have to manually reset it 4 times a year! Yes, I’ve checked, and it doesn’t have the option to turn off DST. I know it wouldn’t cost much to replace, but it’s also a radio/CD player/white noise machine and the numbers are big enough I can read them without my glasses.

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  3. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  8 months ago

    We all had to do that Buckles! Like you might say it was “Ruff”!

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  4. Missing large
    Eric Thom Premium Member 8 months ago

    Not true dogs stomachs always know what time it is.

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  5. Missing large
    saylorgirl  8 months ago

    The second and last panel of Buckles are adorable.

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  6. Bunny for comics
    Moonkey Premium Member 8 months ago

    His nose isn’t active in sleep? My dog seems to know when the neighbors are eating, even in the winter with all the windows closed.

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  7. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  8 months ago

    Surely there must be some leftovers that Buckles can have.

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  8. Aoh14ggz hgcegfwgram r 8ouqo 4bp6nh8 34e3whf8w=s96 c
    Webby_dog  8 months ago

    Daylight Eating Time

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  9. Earl clipart
    dadthedawg  8 months ago

    I am hoping that someday soon we will never have to change our clocks again…..

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  10. Donna
    stillfickled Premium Member 8 months ago

    My alarm clock sprang forward an hour.

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  11. Screenshot 2021 03 16 chinook
    bwswolf  8 months ago

    Buckles ….. I guess you had better get your internal clock reset or maybe your sniffer is off line …….. :)

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  12. Cathy aack
    lindz.coop Premium Member 8 months ago

    Our feral kitten got out of his harness last summer and we couldn’t find him for hours. He really didn’t know how to come back into the house. So, he normally gets fed at midnight, I went outside with some kibble at midnight, and after calling several times, I looked down and he was perched right next to my foot. I just picked him up, brought him in and fed him.

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