About Bully

About Bully

Full of crazy adventure and wild stories, Bully is a dialogue-free comic strip about Bully, a short-tempered egomaniacal French bulldog, and his merciful family. With no dialogue, Bully finds himself in vast visual storylines that find him as big as a house one day and small as a mouse the next. Not to be outdone, home life is just as adventurous with Bob and Annie (mom and pop), his puppy pal Buddy, and an enormous grudge for the evil mailman.


About Andrew Paavola

I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Alaska, after attending several colleges I eventually ended up in the middle of Ohio where I developed as an artist and found my love of cartooning. I enjoy telling stories through comic strips, creating comic books, and working with companies to create comics and characters that enhance their internal communications.


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Bully is an adventurous little French bulldog with a giant personality. Not much is constant with bully except his fiery attitude, and his hatred for squirrels!




Buddy is about the only living animal that Bully can tolerate. Lucky him!




Bob is Bully’s owner and victim for many years now.

Bob hates excitement.




Annie is the newest member of the family.

Bully’s new mom is the only human he fears.