Buni by Ryan Pagelow for August 05, 2013

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 10 years ago

    Dogi drank Death under the table! He’s a dogi of many talents.

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  2. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  over 10 years ago

    Well, y’see……it’s all about body mass and rate of alcohol absorption……..boney ol’ Grim Reaper never had a chance!

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  3. Cindy crawford shaving cream 1
    randayn  over 10 years ago

    Dogi can hold his liquor.

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  4. Wanted piracy art
    Pirate Mike creator over 10 years ago

    The dog continues to kill it.

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  5. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  over 10 years ago

    And I thought only cats had nine lives!

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  6. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Liquor goes right through Death.

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  7. Piglet
    joe piglet Premium Member over 10 years ago

    This is a wholesome comic that stuff they are drinking is probably coffee syrup.

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  8. Celtic knot
    Dkram  over 10 years ago

    Somebody call Billy a Mandy to come and get Grim. (the drunken old sot).\\//_

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  9. Cheese man
    pumaman  over 10 years ago

    Strange how Dogi has his chair in a chair….

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  10. Maine coon
    pierreandnicole  over 10 years ago

    Dogi is clever enough to pour his booze into a hollow part of his wheel cart. Ha….so there Grim Reaper…you’ve met your match.

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  11. Missing large
    StepYaGameUp  over 10 years ago

    Ewww Whee!! Imagine his Doggie Breath now!!!

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  12. Missing large
    Tandembuzz  over 10 years ago

    Dogi “killed” three bottles…Death HAD to be there to collect?

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  13. Last 9 11 rescue dog birthday party new york bretagne pronounced brittany owner and rescue partner denise corliss texas
    Dry and Dusty Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Drunk him under the table, so he did!

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  14. Ngc891 rs 580x527
    alan.gurka  over 10 years ago

    Dead drunk.

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  15. Pink calculator
    Ambydextrous  over 10 years ago

    He drank the reaper under the table? I’m impressed.

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