Cathy Classics by Cathy Guisewite for March 13, 2010

  1. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  about 14 years ago

    He needs to work on a whole lot more than his memory. His tact comes to mind.

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  2. Easter island polarized hill
    SplendensPluviaNemus  about 14 years ago

    If they were both into biochemistry she might’ve thought that was cute.

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  3. Wonder woman
    funnyfan928  about 14 years ago

    He must really be losing his memory; anybody else would’ve known that bit wouldn’t work!!

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  4. Cathyfacepalm
    lightenup Premium Member about 14 years ago

    I’ll clarify Cathy’s question: which brain cell out of the two he has thought that would be romantic?

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  5. Small tower
    RadioTom  about 14 years ago

    Actually, he’s right - although he picked the wrong moment to mention it… married men generally live about 10-20 years longer than single or divorced men. Study done about twenty years ago or so, I believe.

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  6. Missing large
    artybee  about 14 years ago

    Married men don’t really live longer… it just seems that way.

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  7. Whatwouldblue
    mrslukeskywalker  about 14 years ago

    Irving has NO brain cells. This proves it.

    Go eat some chocolate Cathy. It causes your brain to release those chemicals too. Don’t share with the moron.

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  8. Cathy aack Premium Member about 14 years ago

    I didn’t think he had more than 1 brain cell (maybe only a half). Narcissism at its very best.

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