Cathy Classics by Cathy Guisewite for March 15, 2010

  1. Large tv test pattern  color
    Lyons Group, Inc.  over 14 years ago

    I see the moochers are still with them…

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  2. Cathyfacepalm
    lightenup Premium Member over 14 years ago

    They should be helping out as much as they can. If they can’t afford to pay anything (even for water!), then they should be cleaning or walking the dogs or taking out the trash.

    Mrs.Luke is going to go nuts on this one. :-)

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  3. Palms too
    pearlandpeach  over 14 years ago

    the moochers story line is getting so old…..

    been skiping Cathy latetly because of it.

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  4. Wonder woman
    funnyfan928  over 14 years ago

    If the refridgerator is bugging them so much, why don’t they clean it out?

    At least they’d be helping!

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  5. Small tower
    RadioTom  over 14 years ago

    They ARE - which is the punch line; Irving and Cathy think THEY are wanting out… Note Dad is holding his nose…

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  6. Missing large
    avonsalis  over 14 years ago

    Hm. Seems like just yesterday everybody was still complaining that the Adult Mental Acuity storyline was dragging on too long … Cathy’s life is that life’s idiocies are universal. There’s never been a time when the strip made all her problems go away and cured her of all her innate traits.

    I’m not convinced that people will be one bit happier reading the strip every day if that time does come.

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  7. Cathy aack Premium Member over 14 years ago

    I would hate it if she were normal (and ‘normal’ according to whom?).

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  8. Whatwouldblue
    mrslukeskywalker  about 14 years ago

    Lolololol! Lightenup. Let’s see what I can do. I wasn’t around yesterday, so I saw Tuesday’s before Monday’s, and tomorrow’s already has my head spinning.

    Ok, if I didn’t see tomorrow’s first, I’d still know they had to be talking about food, because panel 2 never happened with the moochers. They just barged in with their bags, and nobody welcomed them, yet they’re still here.

    Panel 3: Could be about Irving’s brain.

    Panel 4: YES, YES GET OUT! Look at the smile on Cathy’s face.

    Panel 5a: Do any of us believe that food could last in that house? We would believe it if there was nothing but ketchup, mustard, and face cream in there.

    Panel 5b: Look how Cathy tries not to show anguished disappointment. This proves she’s on antidepressants.

    How’s that? Thanks for making me laugh. That’s 2 days in a row someone anticipated my comment.

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  9. Missing large
    avonsalis  about 14 years ago

    Mrs.Luke, now you’re the one who deserves thanks for making us laugh! I’m glad I just happened to have the whim to go back a couple of days, the day after I’d just done so.

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  10. Whatwouldblue
    mrslukeskywalker  about 14 years ago

    Thank you Avon : )

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