Chip Bok for December 06, 2023

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    sevaar777  6 months ago

    Orangey the Horror Clown has 91 indictments and a mountain of evidence. Much of it he provided himself on recorded media thanks to his own hubris and astounding idiotcy. Joe, on the other hand, lacks fact based evidence of criminal intent as his detractors have to rely on rumor and innuendo. Plus “the sins of the son are the responsibility of the father” BS. If that were the case, the Terror Tangerine’s demon spawn should have already gotten the Velveeta Vortemort a life sentence.

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  2. Myfreckledface
    VegaAlopex  6 months ago

    So, the cartoonist be telling us that should Drumpf get into office, the fascist would jail his opponents without due process. Therefore, we must vote Democratic and keep Agent Orange out of office.

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  3. 9dmn
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  6 months ago

    False equivocation

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  4. Picture
    Ontman  6 months ago

    One out of two Bok.

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  5. Poncho icon
    Jimathai Premium Member 6 months ago

    … “both sides”

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  6. Missing large
    aristoclesplato9  6 months ago

    Gotta love Biden’s claim he would not run in 2024 if Trump was not running – he thinks he’s the only Democrat that can beat Trump.

    What a dope.

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  7. Missing large
    PraiseofFolly  6 months ago

    The Trump-lover cartoonists have their agenda for 2024: Upgrade Sh!t-slinging sling shots for high-volume catapults.

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  8. Missing large
    suzalee  6 months ago

    Trying desperately to convince people that Biden has broken the law. No proof offered in court—because there is none. As Guliani said in court—I have lots of theories but no proof. Repeating lies over and over on far right media and pod casts does not make them true. Trump, on the other hand, has been taken to court and proved guilty with facts,not theories.

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  9. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Piece of chip, show some receipts.

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  10. Image
    magicwalnut Premium Member 6 months ago

    Oh, Chip. You are SOOO full of it!

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  11. D2368647 e8f6 4012 b9e8 ca2bb82f553b
    DC Swamp  6 months ago

    You got the leftists mewling, good job Chip!

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  12. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  6 months ago

    Morning Joe torches ‘sick’ Fox News crowd for cheering Trump’s ‘Day One’ dictator threats

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough condemned a Fox News audience that cheered on Donald Trump’s threats to act like a dictator on “Day One” of a second presidency.The twice-impeached former president appeared Tuesday night in a town hall broadcast on the network, where host Sean Hannity asked him leading questions to help him walk back remarks he’s made during campaign rallies and push back against reports that his second administration would be authoritarian – but instead Trump said he would only do that on his first day in office.

    Trump made ‘regrettable’ mistake with dictator comments: former MAGA strategist

    Former President Donald Trump blundered massively when he suggested to Sean Hannity at his Iowa town hall that he would act as a dictator, but only on “day one” — all while refusing to clarify whether he would abuse the powers of his office when asked specifically.That’s the view of David Urban, a former strategist to Trump, who weighed in on CNN Wednesday morning.

    Lying traitor Trump would be a 24/7 dictator.

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  13. Picture
    ChristopherBurns  6 months ago

    Indictments – 91 to 0. Trump is definitely winning.

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  14. Missing large
    Salty dog Premium Member 6 months ago

    The left is once again having a meltdown

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  15. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  6 months ago

    Biden has no fear of jail, that is a stupid right wing fantasy.

    Joy Behar brought up former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and the bombshell revelations in her recently released book, “Oath and Honor.” Cheney has made it clear that she believes Trump cannot be allowed to be president again because he’s a danger to the country. But, The View hosts said, Republican partisans who agree are unwilling to vote for a Democrat.

    “One thing she said, it’s not just him, it’s his enablers,” said Behar. "The problem arises because they refuse to impeach him, and Liz Cheney said if it was an anonymous vote they probably would have impeached him, but they’re scared to lose their job, and in some cases, there’s political violence.

    “You can’t trust that the Republican Party would go against him if he gets the nomination. Case in point, your friend, Chris Sununu, New Hampshire governor. He suggested he’d vote for Trump if he was the nominee. Why? Because he said, I’m a Republican. Party before country, see? And he said, this is a guy who called Trump bleeping crazy and suggested he should be in a mental institution. That’s the Republican Party right now.”

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  16. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  6 months ago

    “As you know, we have to blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that Nov 6 day because we don’t want them to be retaliated against and to be charged by the DOJ,” Johnson said.

    Trump loving Republicans protect their violent anti American democracy criminals.

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  17. Dragonfly
    SteveO202  6 months ago

    Really, Bok?

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  18. Missing large
    DrDon1  6 months ago

    Bok — a tRump dingleberry!

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  19. 1
    ncorgbl  6 months ago

    I highly doubt Joe Biden would visit tRump in jail.

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  20. Missing large
    lsnrchrd.1 Premium Member 6 months ago

    As this stupid effort attempts to illustrate, it is certain two people belong in jail.

    One of them is drawn up there.

    The other one drew it.

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  21. Missing large
    piper_gilbert  6 months ago

    Again, trying to draw some false equivalency. Trump has four indictments, 91 felony charges, one guilty judgement for sexual assault. Let’s see what Biden has. Oh, look at that. NOTHING!

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  22. Missing large
    smartgrr  6 months ago

    Why would Biden go to jail?

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  23. Img 2087
    Ivan the Terrible   6 months ago

    Trump owns the jails.

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  24. Marx lennon
    charliekane  6 months ago

    Half truth. Why would we expect otherwise?

    Of course, this is aimed at the those among us who don’t take the time or effort to understand the “news”. The Facist Fraudster is exactly equal to the ginned up Hunter nonsense, isn’t it? Sleepwalkin’ the sheep into authoritarianism, eh, Mr. B?

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  25. Freeradical
    Free Radical  6 months ago

    Just like when “Crooked Hillary” was the campaign mantra while Trump was truly “Crooked”….here we go again. Perpetuating prevaricated propaganda projection, the song remains the same

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  26. 5cf96a5f 504e 4c6b 86a5 c29d9610342b
    Al Fresco  6 months ago

    Rep Comer has a mountain of cancelled checks written to Joe from the CCP via Hunter’s scam account. Is there a Federal prison with a ward for inmates with senility?

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  27. Wllyblly
    Wlly Blly  6 months ago

    And none of the idiots have been able to name a charge against Biden.

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  28. Img 0048
    Nantucket Premium Member 6 months ago

    The Repubs in the House and their witnesses have said that there isn’t ANYTHING against President Biden.

    There have already been several people convicted and sentenced for their involvement in the Trump cries and the REAL CRIMINAL cases are on-going.

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  29. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 6 months ago

    Bok needs to show both sides do it equally so much that he is becoming desperate.

    91 indictments, fraud judgements, lawsuits pending, but, yeah, both sides. Equal.

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  30. Missing large
    Victory  6 months ago

    Tell me about President Biden’s crimes and corruption.

    ANY documented evidence.

    Hit me with it.

    Stun me.

    This is documented evidence of a FRACTION of the activities of trump sh!t show criminal enterprise dynasty cabal:

    trump repeatedly violated the emoluments clause.

    ivanka received millions in trademarks from China.

    kushner received billions from saudi arabia.

    trump’s treasury secretary mnuchin told Congress that the trump administration would keep secret the names of the businesses that have received more than $500 billion in COVID-19 bailout fund.

    91 felony indictments, four criminal cases

    A New York judge has found trump and his adult sons liable for fraud and canceled the trump organization’s business certification, saying the Trumps provided false financial statements for roughly a decade.

    And the hits just keep on coming.

    Ok, bok.

    Now YOU go.

    Nothing. Yeah.

    That’s exactly what I thought you’d have to say.

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  31. Missing large
    DEACON FRED  6 months ago

    The Rethugithans are embarrassed, because “Chump” was impeached twice. President Biden has done nothing wrong, so the Repubs are trying find something that’s not there.

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  32. Gcwg
    MC4802 Premium Member 6 months ago

    @ChipBok…well this one is almost correct. Trump knows the long arm of true justice is closing in on him and wants to be POTUS so he can wave his authoritarian wand and make it all go away. Biden is concerned, like the rest of us, that Trump will abuse POTUS and DOJ and military etc to jail his opposition.

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  33. Img 0041
    Dapperdan61  Premium Member 6 months ago

    I suppose there’s a grain of truth to this toon from Bok. IF Drumpf somehow becomes 47 theoretically he could come after Biden and his family and like a banana republic get him locked up on some bogus charges. Drumpf on the other hand with 4 indictments is surely going to face real prison time. His get out of jail free card is if he wins in 2024 the Electoral College

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