Take a scroll down memory lane with Mark "Off the Mark" Parisi — enjoy this special anniversary collection, featuring exclusive commentary from its creator, PLUS a bonus comic (or two!)

#20: 1997

This is how it always looks to me. I hated drawing the orchestra.

#19: 1998

I always liked the way the trilogy of the child/dog/cat worked here. The gag was originally just between the boy and the cat, but a cat drinking out of a toilet didn't resonate as well. I added a dog and it all fell into place.

#18: 1999

Inanimate objects remain a favorite subject. I probably don't draw enough ice cube humor.


#17: 2000

Back in 2000, both Windows and Books for Dummies were fresh, and this idea seemed like it was just begging to be drawn. It still works today, but I have so many cartoons that don't (I won't be posting those).

#16: 2001

Dog cartoons are really fun to draw. And, I think most cartoonists get off on being able to get across a gag with no caption or word balloons. I know I do. It's a major bonus if the cartoon comes close to crossing a line.