Take a scroll down memory lane with Mark "Off the Mark" Parisi — enjoy this special anniversary collection, featuring exclusive commentary from its creator, PLUS a bonus comic (or two!)

#30: 1987

This was the first Off the Mark cartoon ever published. It originally appeared in September 10, 1987. To this day, it remains one of my most popular. Maybe it will be on my gravestone. I was just starting out and included this cartoon in a batch I sent to Charles Schulz to see if he'd offer feedback. He did! He said my work was "uniquely original." Talk about a boost!

#29: 1988

You may have noticed I gravitated toward inanimate objects and slightly dark humor. At one point, I sent a batch of cartoons to Bill Watterson asking for feedback, and he responded. He said he thought my cartoons were a little violent for family newspapers! Unfortunately, I think I lost the letter, but I'll keep looking.

#28: 1989

I like cats and doing cat humor. This used to be the cartoon in which I included the most cats. That's no longer the case. Not even close.


#27: 1990

Back then, I somehow used a Xerox machine to get that effect. It was the stone age.

#26: 1991

Did I mention I like inanimate objects? And occasionally bad puns.