May I ask you a personal question?

Do you find it interesting that a strip from 1950 is our seventh most-read comic of 2017?

I don't.

The seventh most-read comic of 2017 is the first Peanuts of all time! Peanuts is the longest continuously told story in the history of humankind. For 50 years, Charles Schulz created a group of characters who have resonated with people deep in their feelings.

Snoopy is one of the most identifiable characters across the globe (maybe even the Milky Way) and it's no surprise that GoComics readers wanted to see how it all started. I am even prepared to confess that I prefer the early Peanuts to the later years. I find the gigantic heads are very soothing and identifiable to me and that I am not alone in my suffering. That was Schulz's genius, people, stop trying to deny it.

PEANUTS TRIVIA: Did you know that Shermy and PigPen never appeared in the same strip? This lead to many fans believing the characters were played by the same actor. If it's true, I'm not telling (wink!).